How to Choose a Video Surveillance System

Video Surveillance systems can deter criminals and help law enforcement quickly catch thieves.  Video Surveillance systems also improve the accountability of employees, help monitor productivity and may even reduce insurance premiums. The up-front costs of installing a Video Surveillance system can seem expensive, however the long-term payoff and peace of mind are well worth it.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) -VS- Network Video Recorder (NVR) All Video Surveillance cameras require a video recorder to save/store the video footage they are recording. DVRs evolved from older VCR models, while NVRs represent the next step in the evolution of video recording technology. DVR’s use old technology Coaxial cabling.  NVR’s use New/Current technology CAT5e/CAT6 Ethernet/Network cabling. (the same cabling as computers, IP Phones, printers, etc.) NVR’s can record at much higher resolution than DVR’s.

Choosing Cameras:

► Resolution: This is one of the most important considerations when selecting a camera. For a sharper image, select a higher resolution/higher pixel count. (4K/8-Megapixel is very common today) In general, IP camera are going to provide much higher resolution (quality) than Analog cameras.

► Frame Rate: The higher the frame rate, the smoother the video. Video is a series of still images together in sequence to create a motion picture. The lower the frame rate, the less frequently a still is taken, which results in choppier footage. Real Time is typically considered as 30 frames per second (FPS).

► Models: There are different types of security cameras. Some of the most common are bullet cameras. Dome cameras are typically considered more aesthetically pleasing, while bullet cameras are considered more of a deterrent.

► Indoor/Outdoor: Some security cameras are produced specifically for indoors and shouldn’t be used outdoors. If you need cameras outside, obtain weatherproof (IP66 Rated) cameras.

► Lighting: several security cameras have the ability to capture video in low-light infrared, which enables them to capture clear footage in dark conditions. Low-Light cameras rely on infrared LED lights, which cover the dark area in infrared light.

► Audio: Audio recording is an option depending on the particular camera and the manufacturer. Some cameras pick up audio, others don’t. Some cameras enable two-way audio, so a person watching the camera on can communicate with persons in the camera’s field of vision.

Surveillance cameras that are hard-wired offer the greatest stability, since their power and video feed are both utilizing wires instead of battery or Wi-Fi. This means that they are great for areas with high signal interference or unstable connectivity. IP cameras are Power Over Ethernet (PoE), which means that they both draw power and feed video through the same CAT5e/CAT6 data wire, eliminating the need to run multiple wires (like with Analog cameras). When video is transmitted via wire, the file size and quality is significantly higher, all the way up to 4K.

Does the Video Surveillance system that you are considering require you to open any inbound ports on your firewall? The most secure Video Surveillance systems architecture will NOT require you to open any inbound ports on your firewall. We highly recommend against opening ports on your firewall, or, have a system integrator (like ECS) install a Firewall and program the settings for you.

Cloud Recording or Onsite Recording? A major factor in selecting a video surveillance system is whether your video will be recorded locally (NVR) or in the cloud.

Reasons why onsite recording may be a better fit:

► An onsite system will enable you to record higher resolution video.

► An onsite recording solution will enable you to store your video for longer.

► An onsite recording solution will not use your Internet bandwidth unless you are actively viewing video remotely. Cloud recording solutions will constantly use your bandwidth, even when you are not viewing the video remotely.

► An onsite recording solution will provide a better video streaming experience when viewing over your high-speed local area network.

► There are no recurring monthly fees associated with an onsite recording solution.

Analog or IP? There are many reasons for investing in an IP system over an Analog/Coax system. Here are a few:

► A digital (IP) format allows for more control and flexibility for video capture, recording, & playback

► A digital (IP) format allows for more efficient transmission of the video over the internet and to tablets and mobile phones.

► IP Cameras are capable of higher resolution for crisp video, image control and digital zoom.

► IP Cameras are easy to install with single CAT5e/CAT6 cable for both power and video

► IP cameras have intelligent features built-in, such as zoned motion sensing and privacy masking.

► IP systems can be updated with easy-to-apply software upgrades, extending the life of your investment.

Apps: Most Video Surveillance systems today are accessible on either Android or iOS devices. Many also offer web or viewing apps so you can log in from a desktop/laptop. The apps are important because they’re the main point of access to your Video Surveillance system. Make sure the system you purchase has an app available for how you want to view your system.  Make sure the app is easy to use.

ECS is a Video Surveillance System sales/Installation company located in Seattle, WA & Portland, OR.

ECS provides local technicians for on-site work installing and servicing a variety of voice/data equipment, ie; Low Voltage Cabling, CAT5e/CAT6, Fiber Optic, IP Office Telephone Systems, Voicemail, Telephones, Firewalls, Ethernet Switches, Circuit Extensions, Wireless Networking, Video Surveillance, Point of Sale, Overhead Paging, Avaya Aura Servers, Gateways, etc. 

ECS provides services in Washington & Oregon, primarily in the greater Seattle & Portland areas.

AvertX 8-Channel 4K Network Video Security System

AvertX 8-Channel 4K Video Security System w/4TB HDD, 2 4K and 4 4MP Cameras

Model: AVXKT6BPC08064T

Costco Item #: 1232395

Costco Price: $1,799.99 (Shipping & Handling Included)


► 8-Channel 4TB 4K Cloud Managed Network Video Recorder (NVR)

► 2 Outdoor-Rated 4K/8-Megapixel HD828 IP Autofocus Dome Cameras

► 4 Outdoor-Rated 2K/4-Megapixel HD420 IP Mini Bullet Cameras

► Secure and Intuitive Software Developed by AvertX in the US

► AvertX Cloud Subscription with Cloud Storage

AvertX Difference:

► Easy to use software developed by AvertX in the US

► Professional grade hardware

► Cloud-based access, clip archive and sharing, health monitoring and management tools

► No recurring subscription fee

► Cyber-secure architecture

► US-based Pro Team technical support

The AvertX Cloud: A Simple and Convenient Approach to Security

The AvertX Cloud enables powerful new management tools and features designed for convenience and cyber-security.

► Backup and archive video clips securely to the cloud

► Share video clips via email or a password protected URL

► Securely access your system without open router ports or QR codes that can be compromised

► Set up user accounts for family, employees, or law enforcement and instantly grant and revoke system access, all the way down to the individual camera level!

► Manage multiple recorders from a single account and a centralized web interface

► Receive automated software release notifications and easily keep your system up to date and safe from evolving cyber threats

► Monitor the health of your system and be notified instantly if a problem occurs

Thoughtfully Designed with Serious Security Needs in Mind: AvertX products are designed for users that rely on their video system for security, compliance, or managing their business. Wi-fi cameras and low-cost analog systems are suitable for some applications, but also have serious limitations. You need a professional quality system from AvertX built for performance and reliability if:

► You need more than a few cameras or a recording resolution that exceeds 1080p

► You need to identify faces or license plates at distances greater than 10 feet

► You are concerned about vandalism to your cameras

► Your business is in an industry with strict surveillance compliance requirements

► You need outdoor cameras to function in extreme cold and hot weather conditions

► You have limited Internet upload bandwidth

► You have wi-fi reliability issues

Future Proof Your Investment: Automated Software Updates: The most important part of your video security system investment is the software that powers it. AvertX is constantly developing the ProConnect platform, so you will benefit from new features, improved performance, and cybersecurity updates for years to come and without a hidden subscription fee. When a new update is released you are notified and can apply the update with a single click of a button.

Maximum Video Storage: Using large storage drives and smart compression for video files, AvertX ProConnect recorders have been optimized for an extended video retention period while delivering excellent image quality. AvertX commercial customers regularly report video retention periods exceeding 60 days and it is common for residential customers to achieve storage durations exceeding 90 days. 16 Channel ProConnect recorders include 4TB of surveillance-grade storage and may be upgraded to 16TB before shipping from the factory.

Smart Alerts: You don’t need to watch your cameras all day, the AvertX Cloud will let you know when something is wrong! Receive an email alert when cameras detect motion, when sensors are activated, when cameras are offline, or when your recorder is disconnected. Our powerful alert programming interface enables you to customize your notifications to meet your specific needs.

Cyber-Secure Architecture: Is your video system cyber-secure or is it creating a vulnerability at your home or business? Recently, many IP cameras and video recorders have been linked to widespread cyber-attacks. AvertX ProConnect software has been developed with cybersecurity as a priority.

ProConnect recorders automatically establish a trusted outbound connection with the AvertX Cloud for a hassle-free and secure networking experience; no open router ports or QR Codes that can be compromised.

AvertX Connect account login features 2-step authentication to keep your system safe even if your password is stolen.

The AvertX Cloud transmits all metadata over the Internet securely using military-grade encryption.

For more information about Cyber Security, visit

More Options for Remote Viewing: AvertX software is designed for cross-platform compatibility with all industry-leading mobile and web browser platforms. The AvertX Web Client delivers a powerful user experience without installing software on your computer. Native mobile applications for iOS and Android devices provide access to the AvertX system while you are on the move. Our Apple TV app is a fast and easy way to view video from your living room or an inexpensive way to set up a monitoring station. Receive email alerts when your cameras detect motion and see the video with a single click!

Five-Star Pro Team Support: We have a professional to help you with every step of the process. Want to understand the AvertX Cloud difference? Call our PRO Team. Need help designing a system and selecting the right cameras? Call our PRO Team. Need help with setup? Call our PRO Team. Selecting and installing a system can be intimidating. Our PRO Team is here to help for the life of your system! Call us at 855-228-3789 with any questions or for a live product demo!

Fast and Easy Search and Export: Often the most frustrating part of owning a surveillance system is finding the video you need. Using AvertX’s exclusive Preview Search, you can find events with a visual difference before and after the event, like theft or vandalism, in a matter of seconds. Once you’ve found the video clip you need, all it takes is a few clicks to export to your AvertX Connect cloud account for secure storage or easy sharing via email.

Remote Controlled Motorized Autofocus Zoom Lens: Professionals choose motorized autofocus lenses because they make installation easier and allow you to adjust the zoom and focus after install without having to climb back up on a ladder or get back up on a roof. Autofocus technology is capable of focusing a camera better than the human eye, providing an ultra-crisp image. Notice a camera is out of focus while away from home or work? Simply click the autofocus button to refocus.

Superior Low Light Performance: For scenes in total darkness, the HD828 4K dome camera uses the latest high-intensity IR LED technologies for maximum visibility. Adaptive IR technology adjusts illumination levels as an object approaches to keep objects close to the camera from being overexposed and washed out. If you prefer a color image, the HD828 can capture color footage with minimal security lighting. Often, a porch light is enough.

Spectrum Vision True WDR: Spectrum Vision True WDR (wide dynamic range) compensates for uneven light conditions caused by shadows, sun glare, backlight and inconsistent lighting. Cameras with Digital WDR will show some improvement for these conditions but do not achieve optimum results. AvertX cameras with Spectrum Vision True WDR use multiple exposure technology that includes hardware and digital image processing. The result is superior video quality. See the Spectrum Vision True WDR video below for more information!

ECS is an AvertX Installer located in Seattle, WA & Portland, OR.

ECS provides local technicians for on-site work installing and servicing a variety of voice/data equipment, ie; Low Voltage Cabling, CAT5e/CAT6, Fiber Optic, IP Office Telephone Systems, Voicemail, Telephones, Firewalls, Ethernet Switches, Circuit Extensions, Wireless Networking, Video Surveillance, Point of Sale, Overhead Paging, Avaya Aura Servers, Gateways, etc. 

ECS provides services in Washington & Oregon, primarily in the greater Seattle & Portland areas.

Pelco’s New GFC Pro 4K Cameras

The Pelco GFC Pro 4K Cameras feature robust Pelco-developed Pro firmware feature set that maximizes image quality, light sensitivity and much more to deliver amazing clarity.

Pelco GFC Pro 4K Cameras are offered in both Dome and Bullet versions

GFC Pro 4K Dome versions will be available in late November, and GFC Pro 4K Bullet versions will be available in December.

The GFC Pro 4K Cameras deliver compelling image quality and features that make them ideal for any business.

Key Features:

Category Leading Light Sensitivity & IR Illumination: Protect your business assets by identifying potential threats in low light situations, down to 0.2 lux at 30 FPS in color, or after nightfall in places where visible lighting is restricted or absent.

100dB True Wide Dynamic Range: Ideal for spaces with challenging lighting situations like casinos, ports, and commercial building lobbies. You can now accurately observe activity where bright light and dark areas are present within the same scene.

H.265 Video Coding & Pelco Smart Compression: Save bandwidth and storage costs.

Up to 4K/8MP Resolution at 30FPS: Perfect for high traffic or densely populated areas such as ports, arenas, schools, or any crowded public venue. With GFC Pro 4K resolution you can digitally zoom in tighter to accurately identify faces, license plates, or signs across a wider field of view.

ECS is an Authorized Pelco Reseller located in Seattle, WA & Portland, OR.

ECS provides local technicians for on-site work installing and servicing a variety of voice/data equipment, ie; Low Voltage Cabling, CAT5e/CAT6, Fiber Optic, IP Office Telephone Systems, Voicemail, Telephones, Firewalls, Ethernet Switches, Circuit Extensions, Wireless Networking, Video Surveillance, Point of Sale, Overhead Paging, Avaya Aura Servers, Gateways, etc. 

ECS provides services in Washington & Oregon, primarily in the greater Seattle & Portland areas.