About Us

Efficient Communication Solutions (ECS) is a Northwest-based company that provides “single-source” solutions to customers who have a wide variety of voice, data and/or unified communication needs. The solutions range from selling dial tone to designing and installing large, state-of-the-art, integrated communications networks. Many of our customers are in the following product and service markets:

  • Law firms
  • Financial services companies
  • Healthcare providers
  • Small manufacturers
  • Recycling companies
  • Restaurants

At ECS, we pride ourselves in knowing our customers on a first-name basis, and knowing their communications needs better than they do. We have a stable ownership/management team, and our staff is trained in and certified to deliver the industry’s top voice, data and unified communication solutions. Our size allows us to be far more nimble and accessible than our larger competitors. This means we can react more quickly, especially in urgent and critical situations.

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ECS is an exclusive Avaya Business Partner for Traditional Voice & Voice over IP (VoIP) products & services. We also represent products and services for many certified Avaya Developer Connection (DevConnect) partners.Avaya Business Partner