Lorex 2K IP Security Camera System Bundle

2K IP Security Camera System with 16 Channel NVR and 8 HD IP Outdoor 3MP Cameras – $929.99

Part # LN10802-168W: This powerful security camera system from Lorex by FLIR is perfect for your business or office building. It features a total of eight (4 bullet and 4 dome) 2K resolution security cameras and a sixteen-channel NR900 Series NVR. Innovative Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology provides a straightforward installation, providing a professional-grade security.

Stunning 2K Resolution (Twice that of 1080p): The included security cameras will help you capture the details you need. They are capable of recording double the resolution of 1080p HD thanks to their powerful 3-Megapixel image sensors. With detailed video and smooth on-screen motion, these cameras offer clear identification should an incident ever occur.

HD IP Security Camera Systems: NVR systems include a Network Video Recorder (NVR) and HD digital IP security cameras. This type of technology uses CAT5e ethernet cables. NVR systems feature HD recording, remote viewing, and motion notifications.

Advantages of HD IP NVR Systems

♦ Higher resolutions (2K / 4K) and frame rate

♦ Power-over-Ethernet connectivity powers cameras through the NVR

♦ Up to 32 available channels

♦ Secondary hard drive slot available

Motion detection & other smart monitoring: Lorex security systems come with motion detection as a standard feature. This allows you to stay on top of things happening around your property. You can even customize your NVR to send you email alerts or push notifications of motion events sent to your smartphone or tablet.

Long-range IR night vision: Each security cameras uses cutting-edge infrared (IR) LEDs to provide you with long-range night vision. With night vision ranges up to 130ft (bullet) and 115ft (dome), you can be confident that your security cameras will never leave you in the dark. Your cameras use an integrated infrared cut filter that automatically switches on and off between day and night. This ensures accurate color reproduction during the day and detailed black and white clarity at night.

Full Metal Camera Housings: Built from a solid unibody metal housing, the LNE3162B and LNB3163B allow for durability while still maintaining a lightweight design. The corrosion-resistant aluminum bodies make these cameras perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, protecting them from even the harshest of weather; rain, snow, or hail. Engineered from the same material that is used in construction of airplanes and cars, these Lorex cameras are strong enough to withstand large impacts unlike conventional plastic security cameras.

3TB security grade hard drive: The sixteen-channel NR900 Series NVR contains a massive 3TB security certified hard drive. This type of hard-drive is not your run-of-the-mill household hard drive. It is specially designed for surveillance. It can be in constant use, and can even continue to record while you review footage. You can also easily customize the NVR to set your cameras to record at a lower resolution for improved recording efficiency. Recording only scenes with movement or between scheduled times of the day can also extend hard drive space.

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