Did you know that Avaya IP Office has…

Up to 512 ports of Meet-Me Audio Conferencing

Call Recording and Playback

Full Site Resiliency without Additional Licensing

Up to 3000 Users & 150 Locations

Mobile UC Access using PSTN and VoIP Networks

Integrated Web Collaboration

Single # Reach with IM, Directory, and Conference Control


Avaya IP Office is a Simple, Powerful Collaboration Solution

Avaya IP Office – “Editions” Explained

Essential Edition

For essential team and mobile engagement on a simple-to-deploy appliance

(voicemail resides on system SD card)

Preferred Edition

For robust team, mobile, and customer engagement on a simple-to-deploy appliance

(Voicemail PRO)

(“Meet-Me” Conferencing requires Preferred Edition)

(“one-X Mobile Preferred” requires Preferred Edition)

(“Avaya Call Recording” requires Preferred Edition)

Server Edition

For robust team, mobile, and customer engagement on a software-based solution

IP Office Select

For robust larger scale team, mobile, and customer engagement with higher resiliency on a software-based solution

Avaya IP Office:

A Simple, Reliable, Proven Solution with a Proven Track Record of Success

  • 13 Million+ users worldwide
  • 450,000+ systems worldwide
  • Avaya is #1 Worldwide – Small & Medium Business Telephone (SME) Systems
  • 25% Lower Total Cost of Ownership (per Tolly Report)

Rack & Stack Services

Save your resources and the costs of traveling to Washington or Oregon to set up your voice/data rack and hardware.

ECS can provide professional server rack design and installation service in Washington or Oregon for you. Our trained staff can design the rack, mount your gear, wire your rack, verify configuration, and power up your equipment.

Upon completion, documentation and digital pictures of the entire installation can be provided to simplify ongoing support.

Remote installation has never been easier.

Rack & Stack Features

  • • Rack design and layout
  • • Receiving and unpacking hardware
  • • Inventory check, labeling, and serial number recording
  • • Professional assembly and rack mounting
  • • Power and network cables provided as needed
  • • Intra-cabinet cabling as specified
  • • Fully documented cable list
  • • Final documentation of layout and cable runs
  • • Digital pictures as specified

Avaya IP Office Select – Specifications

System Components

Primary Server

  • Provides call control, web portal, web collaboration, mobility, IM and presence, messaging, and centralized licensing in a single server
  • Runs on an Avaya-provided server or a customer-provided virtualized server

Secondary Server

  • Provides same as Primary Server, but provides additional capacity and/or resiliency

Expansion System

  • Provides additional capacity at a remote location
  • Can be an Avaya-provided server, customer-provided virtualized server, or an IP 500 V2 appliance

System Capacities

  • Up to 3000 users at a single site or across 150 locations
  • Up to 1,024 SIP trunk channels per Primary/Secondary server
  • Up to 256 SIP trunk channels per Expansion System
  • Trunks with IP 500 V2 – 148 H.323, 240 digital, 208 analog trunks (not simultaneously)
  • Up to 500 Voice Messaging ports
  • Up to 500 recording ports
  • Up to 512 audio conferencing ports
  • Up to 128 concurrent web collaboration users via the primary server
  • Up to 512 concurrent web collaboration users via an external server
  • Up to 1,500 concurrent UC users via the primary server
  • Up to 3,000 concurrent UC users via an external Avaya one-X® Portal server

Feature Details

Avaya one-X Mobile Preferred Application

  • Simplified call control – tap to call, tap to conference
  • Make calls using cellular, Wi-Fi, or 3G/4G networks
  • IM, presence, and directory access keeps you connected
  • Single click to administer; Single click for end user to install and configure
  • Supported on Android and Apple iOS devices (requires Power User solution)

Conference Features

  • Up to 512 party conference bridge ports
  • Unique PIN codes helps ensure security for conference calls
  • Conference entry/exit tones; single beep on entry, double beep on exit
  • Conference call recording
  • Conference Call control (Available with IP Office Power User and IP Office Office Worker solutions)
  • Conference Room automatically dials users and adds them if available (Requires Receptionist solution)

Avaya one-X Portal for IP Office

  • Point and Click call control
  • Federated IM and Presence
  • Integrated Directory
  • Moderator controls for conference calls
  • Access the same tools at home without complicated VPN requirements (Available with IP Office Power User and IP Office Office Worker solutions)

Avaya IP Office Select – Overview

Powerful Team and Customer Engagement, Enterprise-Grade Scalability and Resiliency for Mid-Size Businesses.

Overview: As your midsize business grows, so does your need for more sophisticated and powerful communications, enabling your teams to engage anywhere in more productive and efficient ways and elevating customer engagement to more satisfying levels.

You’ll want a solution that expands easily and cost-effectively where and when you need it to. That offers rock-solid reliability and security. A system that allows you to deliver all that without putting your limited IT resources to the test.

Introducing Avaya IP Office Select!

Capabilities: Scale Bold New Heights With Select, Avaya IP Office grows with you as your business accelerates. Support up to 3,000 users at a single location and across 150 networked sites. Give all users Avaya’s most powerful unified communications and mobility apps to keep everyone connected and productive wherever they happen to be working. Avaya has doubled the capacity of the built-in audio conferencing bridge to 512 channels. In addition, you can record the calls for up to 500 customer service agents to help deliver the best customer engagement.

Management Made Easy: Simplified administration is the cornerstone of Avaya IP Office Select. From an intuitive web-based interface, the system administrator can access accounts for all users on a single site or across up to 150 locations. Also, Avaya IP Office Select holds all common licenses centrally, making it easier to adapt to changes in user sizes at your locations while maximizing your investment.

Further simplify administration through synchronization with your LDAP directory. The synchronization can be on-demand or as a scheduled task, and can be used to add, edit, and delete users. Fields that can be synchronized from LDAP include Name, Full Name, Extension, and E-mail address.

The Highest Uptime: Midsize businesses demand reliability, and Avaya IP Office Select delivers. Not only can an entire location failover to the secondary server, but customizable groups or even single extensions can be configured to failover to any location within the system.

In the event of a system outage, the IP phones with active calls stay connected, while idle IP phones simply re-register to the designated failover server. Voice messaging is also critical to many businesses, Avaya IP Office Select can be configured as an active-active configuration, providing load balancing between the two servers and full resiliency in case one of the servers becomes unavailable.

Do you want to deploy in a virtualized environment? Avaya IP Office Select supports VMware HA, an option that provides a virtual standby primary server that protects against system failures.

Powerful Conferencing – Built-in:

Built-in “meet-me” conferencing means all users can host their own password-protected conference bridge to enhance collaboration. Host a multitude of calls simultaneously. Or, schedule them in advance and let IP Office notify participants automatically.

Integrated Collaboration: Effective team engagement goes beyond voice. The ability to share and view documents together in real time with the built-in Avaya Web Collaboration interface takes audio conferences to the next level for faster decision making. The meeting host can even schedule the call and Avaya IP Office Select will remind participants when the meeting is about to start. All of this is possible without the need for additional hardware or external systems.

Connect While on the Go: Extend office phones to Apple iPhone and Android smartphones. Choose the most effective method using cellular, WiFi, or 3G/4G networks. IM, presence, directory, and conference controls are integrated into the application for complete control. Even better, a simple tap in an e-mail is all it takes to download, install, and configure the application on smartphones.

The Productive Home Office: Turn home phones (or any other phone) into office phones with the click of a button in a web browser, while maintaining a consistent caller experience. Stay connected to your colleagues with IM, presence, and directory access just as if you were in the office. Control conferences and record calls with a single click. All with no end-user software to install or maintain.

What is the Avaya IP Office Platform?

Avaya IP Office is a Communications Solution designed for Growing Businesses

Unifies communication: call handling, messaging, conferencing, presence, IM, and much more

Connects you with your customers: uses the methods they want – voice, SMS, web chat, email, fax

Helps people work from anywhere: integrates with your mobile, find me/follow me

With a New Avaya IP Office Solution You Can

  • • Control costs and save money
  • • Lower mobile phone and telecommuter long-distance charges by routing calls through the system
  • • Rely on a built-in conferencing bridge to eliminate the need for expensive third-party conferencing services
  • • Take advantage of the more flexible and lower cost IP-based voice network options
  • • Make your teams more productive
  • • Keep employees instantly in touch with ‘one-number reachability’
  • • Enable staff to work remotely, while giving them access to all the same communications options as in the office
  • • Enable your employees to use any mobile or home phone as an office phone extension

A new Avaya IP Office Solution can help you…

Engage with your customers better: By making sure calls get through quickly to the right person

Make team engagement more productive: By giving them the extra tools needed to stay connected anywhere

Control costs and save money: By cutting out the time-wasting hassles that keep employees from being productive

Avaya IP Office Solution can

  • • Enable my mobile workers to engage with colleagues and customers more effectively
  • • Make team members more productive
  • • Deliver better customer engagement
  • • Lower operating costs
  • • Greater system resiliency
  • • Simplify administration requirements

Avaya IP Office is a Simple, Powerful Collaboration Solution

Basics of Structured Cabling

A structured cabling system is a complete system of cabling and associated hardware, to provide a comprehensive communications infrastructure.

A communications infrastructure serves a wide range of uses, like providing telephone service or transmitting data through a computer network.

The structured cabling system begins at the point where the service provider terminates their services. This is the point of demarcation (DEMARC).

For example, in a telephone system installation, the SP furnishes one or more service lines (per customer requirements). The SP connects the service lines at the point of demarcation.

Every structured cabling system is unique, due to variations in:

  • • architectural structure of the building, which houses the cabling
  • • cable and connection products
  • • function of the cabling installation
  • • types of equipment the cabling installation will support
  • • configuration of an already installed system (upgrades and retrofits)
  • • Customer requirements
  • • Manufacturer warranties

The recommended methods used to complete and maintain cabling installations should follow industry standards. The standardization of these installations is necessary because of the need to ensure acceptable system performance from increasingly complex arrangements.

The cabling industry accepts the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), in conjunction with TIA/EIA, as the responsible organizations for providing and maintaining standards and practices for structured cabling. ANSI has published a series of standards to design, install, and maintain cabling installations. Following these standards helps to ensure proper cabling installation.

The benefits of these standards include:

  • • Consistency of design and installation
  • • Conformance to physical and transmission line requirements
  • • A basis for examining a proposed system expansion and other changes
  • • Uniform documentation

Structured cabling installations typically include: entrance facilities, vertical and horizontal backbone pathways, vertical and horizontal backbone cables, horizontal pathways, horizontal cables, work area outlets, equipment rooms, telecommunications closets, cross-connect facilities, & multi-user telecommunications outlet assemblies (MUTOA).

The entrance facility includes the cabling components needed to provide a means to connect the outside service facilities to the premises cabling. This can include service entrance pathways, cables, connecting hardware, circuit protection devices, and transition hardware.

An entrance facility provides the transition from outside plant cabling to cabling within the building. The entrance facility is also the network DEMARC between the carriers and customer premises cabling. National and regional electrical codes govern placement of electrical protection devices at this point.

Some components of structured cabling are:

  • • Cable pathways: shafts, conduits, raceways, and floor penetrations (such as sleeves or slots) that provide routing space for the cables.
  • • The actual cables: optical fiber, twisted-pair copper, coaxial copper, or some combination of these.
  • • Connecting hardware: connecting blocks, patch panels, interconnections, cross-connections, or some combination of these components, and
  • • Miscellaneous support facilities: cable support hardware, fire-stopping and grounding hardware.

Connectors are as essential to the integrity of the entire telecommunications network as is the cable itself. Connectors align, attach, and decouple the media to a transmitter, receiver, another media of same or similar type, an active telecommunications device, or a specified passive telecommunications device.

ECS is a Low Voltage Contractor with a Great Reputation!

Efficient Communication Solutions, Inc. (ECS) is a Licensed, Bonded, & Insured Low Voltage Contractor in Washington & Oregon providing Quality Certified Low Voltage Cabling at Competitive Rates.

ECS is a well recognized and respected data and voice network infrastructure company within the telecommunications industry. At ECS, we pride ourselves on being a successful data and voice network infrastructure company with a commitment to our customer relationships and a dedication to providing quality infrastructure installation needs. We offer a complete range of voice and data as well as video and internet protocol video surveillance security systems.

With our knowledgeable and experienced staff members, we are committed to providing quality low voltage solutions for your network infrastructure needs at reasonable and competitive rates.

Supporting clients in Washington & Oregon, ECS has established a strong reputation for delivering sound leadership, superior service, and unmatched expertise.

When you partner with ECS, you receive the guarantee of quality craftsmanship, products and service, along with the benefit of our vast knowledge and experience.

Some of our services are:

  • • Data/Voice Cabling (CAT3, CAT5, CAT5e, CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A)
  • • Fiber Optic Cabling (Single-Mode & Multi-Mode)
  • • Patch Panel Installation and Termination
  • • Wire Management
  • • WiFi/Wireless networks
  • • Business Telephone Systems
  • • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • • Network Cabling and Hardware Testing & Certification
  • • Security and Surveillance Camera Systems
  • • Wiring Block Termination
  • • Testing and Certification
  • • Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

ECS provides Washington & Oregon a one source solution for structured cabling needs. Our approach is to assess your existing and future network requirements, then work with you to implement the best solution; on time, and on budget. Throughout the process our installers will ensure the highest quality service and exceed your expectations.

ECS is a leader in providing cost effective solutions for structured cabling needs in Washington & Oregon.

Grandstream GXV3610 v2 series of Weather-Proof Infrared (IR) Dome IP Cameras

The GXV3610 v2 series are weather-proof Infrared (IR) fixed dome IP cameras with a high-definition 3.6mm lens, making them ideal for wide-angle monitoring of nearby subjects in environments such as banks, hotels, retail, offices, warehouses, and building entrances.

The series is ideal for use in areas where lighting may be a concern thanks to the cameras infrared sensors. The GXV3610 v2 series are also IP66-certfied weatherproof IP cameras, which allow them to be used in nearly any outdoor setting. Like all Grandstream IP Video Surveillance cameras, the GXV3610 v2 series is OnVIF compliant and features built-in PoE.

Pair the GXV3610 v2 series with Grandstream’s GVR3550 Network Video Recorder (NVR), which supports plug-and-play with all Grandstream IP cameras, to create a powerful recording and monitoring solution.

The GXV3610 v2 series can also be managed with GSURF Pro (Grandstream’s FREE video Management Software that allows simultaneous control of up to 72 cameras) along with other ONVIF-complaint video management systems.


  • • IPP66 compliant weatherproof metal casing
  • • Smart infrared technology for optimal white balance and exposure
  • • Includes built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • • 1.2 megapixel and 720p (GXV3610_HD): 3.1 megapixel, 1080p (GXV3610_FHD)
  • • Supports Motion Detection with up to 16 motion detection target areas
  • • Supports alert notifications via outbound voice or video call and email screenshot
  • • SIP/VoIP support for 2-way audio and video streaming to audio, video and mobile phones


Grandstream GXV3611IR HD Indoor Infrared IP Camera

The GXV3611IR_HD can be used in areas where lighting may be a concern thanks to the cameras infrared sensors. The GXV3611IR_HD uniquely features a built-in microphone and speaker to allow users to use the camera as an intercom. This indoor infrared IP camera also features a built-in SD card slot to offer a local recording solution. Like all Grandstream IP Video Surveillance cameras, the GXV3611IR_HD is OnVIF compliant and features built-in PoE.

The GXV3611IR_HD is an indoor Infrared (IR) fixed dome IP camera with a high-definition 2.8mm Lens, making it ideal for wide angle monitoring of nearby subjects in environments such as banks, hotels, retail, offices or building entrances.

Pair the GXV3611IR _HD with Grandstream’s GVR3550 Network Video Recorder (NVR), which supports plug-n-play with all Grandstream IP cameras, to create a powerful recording and monitoring solution.

The GXV3611IR_HD can also be managed by GSURF Pro (Grandstream’s FREE Video Management Software that allows simultaneous control of up to 72 cameras) along with other ONVIF-compliant video management systems.

The GXV3611IR_HD IP camera features industry-leading SIP/VoIP for 2-way audio and video streaming to both video and smart phones.

It also contains integrated PoE, IR-CUT for day and night mode, microphone, speaker, SD card slot and a flexible HTTP API for easy integration with other surveillance systems.


  • • Megapixel CMOS sensor for 720p HD video resolution
  • • Smart infrared technology for optimal white balance and exposure
  • • Includes built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • • Integrated micor SDHC interface for local embedded storage
  • • Supports Motion Detection with up to 16 target areas
  • • Supports alert notifications via outbound voice or video call and email screenshot
  • • SIP/VoIP support for 2-way audio and video streaming to audio, video and mobile phones