Spring/Summer is time to Move, Add, or Makes Changes around the office

ECS consults, integrates and manages technology solutions that solve business problems and contribute to your business growth.

Do you need to:
• Move any telephones ?
• Add any telephones ?
• Move any workstations ?
• Add any workstations ?
• Move any faxes or printers ?
• Add any faxes or printers ?
• Move any voice/data jacks ?
• Add any voice/data jacks ?
• Move any WiFi access points ?
• Add any WiFi access points ?
• Move any security cameras ?
• Add any security cameras ?

Voice, video, data, and other electronic means of communicating are everyday, yet integral, parts of any organization. And every day, systems wear out, offices get remodeled, or businesses open new doors. ECS will ensure that the “basics” of voice and data are available where you need, when you need.

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