Intermedia – Cloud Server

Cloud application infrastructure designed specifically for IT professionals at small & medium businesses.

Here’s what you get with Intermedia’s Cloud Server support
Microsoft Certified technicians, 24/7 phone and chat. Support up to the virtualization layer.

Intermedia’s global support staff works tirelessly on your behalf. Their eyes are always on your cloud to help ensure its availability and performance. And if you have any questions about the Cloud Server up to the virtualization layer, they’re available 24/7/365 to answer phones typically within 60 seconds.

Commitment to resolution
Unlike other providers, Intermedia won’t push you to self-help solutions. Technician will stay with you until they resolve your problem.

No ‘critical issues’ standard
Unlike other providers, Intermedia doesn’t enforce a threshold for phone support. Admins can call us for help with any issue.

No lock-in to a single person
Your account history is available to the entire support team. Each technician has the context to solve your problems.

Commitment to quality
Intermedia doesn’t pressure team members on call length. All their key metrics are related to first-call resolution and customer satisfaction.

Obsession with satisfaction
Intermedia will survey your satisfaction after every call. And contact you every six months to get your feedback.

No outsourcing
Every team member is a direct employee. Intermedia’s overnight support office is manned by English-speaking team members whose certification and problem-solving ability equals our daytime staff.

Senior technicians are available
If you have a highly technical challenge, feel free to request a Level 2 support technician.

Going beyond individual cases
You can request a 90-day review of all your support cases to identify and eliminate recurring issues.

Intermedia – Your One-Stop Shop for Cloud IT

For 60,000+ business customers and 5,000+ active partners, Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud offers email, hosted phones, file collaboration tools and 20+ other essential IT services. They’re secure, mobile and managed from a single control panel.


Hosted Exchange
POP Business Email

Hosted PBX
Conference Calling
Toll-free Numbers
Internet Faxing

SecuriSync® File Sync and Share

Intermedia AppID™

Lync Chat & Conferencing

Intermedia Office Apps

Email Archiving

Cloud Server
SIP Trunking
Web Hosting

McAfee Email Defense
Encrypted Email

PC Backup
Outlook Backup

When was the last time you updated your On-Hold Program?

When was the last time you reviewed your On Hold program script.

If it’s been awhile, give Woodstock Media Group a call or send Allen or Brian an e-mail. They will be happy to go over it with you and discuss any changes that might be needed.

Have you added any new products or services? Added staff? Responded to a new competitive situation?

Does your On Hold program clearly convey your company’s Unique Selling Proposition?

Talk with Woodstock Media Group about what you’re doing to keep your current customers and woo new customers. They can help turn that information into a new On Hold program that can help generate more questions, which your staff can help turn into more sales.

And if you haven’t you reviewed your On Hold program script in the past year, make sure They review your On Hold program to make sure you’re effectively conveying your company’s Unique Selling Proposition…especially if that proposition has changed as result of the economy.

Remember, Woodstock Media Group is there to help. They do this every day and can probably help you look at your business, and your On Hold script, in a way you may not have previously considered.

Toll Free:  800.864.6828
Local:  253.566.1675

Why not just play the radio or your iPod for your Music on Hold ?

The first and best answer is that it’s against the law. Copyright laws in the United States prohibit the rebroadcast for commercial purposes radio broadcasts or music for which the rebroadcaster (in this case, you) has not paid music licensing fees.

Secondly, the radio station you choose may be your favorite, but even the most popular station in any city is only the favorite of 10-12% of the market. So that means 88% of your callers probably DON’T like that station.

Third, radio reception can be difficult. Do you want your callers On Hold to hear static? As for your iPod, as rugged and reliable as it might be, it’s simply not designed for 24/7 use. For a lot less than the cost of a new iPod, you can easily afford one of many players that are specifically designed to play your On Hold program hour after hour, day after day, week after week.

Woodstock Media Group provides music and messaging solutions that enhance your professional image, educate your callers on your products or services, and significantly reduce call abandonment. Is your on-hold information current and up to date. Is it time to freshen up your message on hold? Contact Woodstock Media Group and they will assist you with any revisions you’d like to make.

Avaya IP Office R9.1 Web Collaboration

IP Office R9.1 introduces an integrated web collaboration feature on IP Office. The web collaboration is based on the Avaya Aura Conferencing (AAC) solution, leveraging the best in class capabilities of that platform.

User features include integrated IP Office audio conferencing, desktop/application collaboration, document sharing and white boarding. The application also features a common roster for all collaboration methods with full participant controls, and a common user interface to escalate from an audio call to web collaboration.

Web Collaboration is supported on: Preferred Edition, Server Edition, and IP Office Select.

With Server Edition and IP Office Select, web collaboration is part of the base software distribution and runs co-resident with the one-X portal application on the Primary server. It can also run on a standalone one-X server for additional scale. With Preferred Edition, web collaboration runs on an external Application Server.

Web Collaboration is enabled via new Web Collaboration user license for each moderator/host. Prerequisites for Preferred Edition are one Office Worker, Teleworker, or Power User license for each moderator/host. Server Edition and IP Office Select require one Office Worker or Power User license for each moderator/host.

Network bandwidth requirements are between 104 kbps – 251 kbps per user.

IP Office R9.1 browser support includes Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari (Mac)

The IP Office R9.1 web collaboration capacities/performance are aligned to the IP Office audio conference capacity:
• R620 standalone server-512 users, R210/R220 standalone server-128 users
• R620 Primary-128 users, R210/R220 Primary-32 users

Avaya IP Office Release 9.1 Notes

Platform and features supported on the platform will be modified with the R9.1 release. Supported platforms are:
IP500 V2
IP Office for Linux (Server Edition, Virtualized Server Edition, Select)

Customers can migrate to R9.1 by purchasing an upgrade license or under the terms of their IP Office Support Services support contract, as applicable.

Customers migrating to R9.1 will be required to have an IP500 V2 control unit or supported servers with Server Edition. IP500 base cards, trunk cards and expansion modules are supported with IP500 V2 control unit and may migrate to the V2 control unit. Licenses will require a dongle swap to move from the IP500 V1 key card to the IP500 V2 SD card.

All other Release 9.1 features are supported on all platforms.

Customer Call Reporter (CCR/Advance Edition) will not be supported with R9.1.

Location Time Zones
Location Time Zone is a new feature configured in the Location page in Manager to assign a time zone to a group of phones. This is useful for remote ‘remote worker’ sites typical of Hosted IP Office deployments and it applies the correct local time to a user’s phone, voicemails, call logs, user rights, and more. This primary setting can be applied to any extension type, not just H.323. This feature is available on Essential Edition, Preferred Edition, Server Edition, and IP Office Select.

Answer Supervision Analog/ATM4 Trunks
Analog trunks provided with the ATM4U V2 and Combination Card ATM V2 will provide mobile twinning support for answer and disconnect supervision.
• The “ATM4U-V2 Voice Activity Detector (VAD)” is an enhancement development that provides an answer supervision signal on ATM4U-V2 lines.
• Answer supervision signal has been added mainly to support Mobile Twining over analog trunks however it can be also used for other features such as accurate SMDR data.
• A Manager option to Enable/Disable VAD has been added.
• By default this functionality will be disabled.

Enable SIP 3rd party endpoints to be member of Page Groups
External speakers or amplifiers may be integrated with IP Office telephone page zones. This feature will enable IP Office to be the core of a paging solution displacing external paging solutions. An example would be schools where a page may be sent to several classroom phones simultaneously.

Location Based Time Zone
This feature provides the ability to set the correct time in a multi-site environment and ability to set different time zones for groups of extensions based on location.

New configuration item against the location page, Time Settings:
• Time Zone
• Local Time Offset from UTC
• Automatic DST
• Clock Forward/Back settings

Supported phones:
• 96xx
• 16xx
• 11xx/12xx
• D100
• E129

FSK MWI Support to Analog Extensions
The capability for Analog ports to support Bellcore FSK MWI has been added alongside existing mechanism such as Voltage driven and Line Reversal methods.

The “Analogue Extensions FSK Message Waiting Indication” provides a mechanism to switch On/Off FSK Message Waiting LED or LCD Icon on Phones that are capable of supporting this type of signal. Bellcore Standard only will be supported.

Set MWI on SIP Extension from Short Codes or CTI
SIP sets can now respond to short codes or TAPI commands instructing them to turn on the Message Waiting Indicator (MWI). This is particular useful in situations where 3rd party applications are working in conjunction with the IP Office. In earlier releases this was only supported on H.323 sets.

Avaya IP Office R9.1 Upgrade Update

Release 9.1 will NOT be supported on IP500 V1 Control Unit

As new features requiring greater processing power and memory are added to the IP Office applications family, the ability of older control units to support these features decline. The IP500 version 1 control unit (IP500V1) will not be supported to run R9.1 software. Customers looking to migrate from older control units will be required to replace their control unit by purchasing an IP500 V2 control unit. IP500 base cards, station and trunk cards will migrate to the IP500 V2 control unit.

MOST IP400 hardware will be NO LONGER be supported with Release 9.1
This includes IP400 series internal cards, expansion modules and trunk cards as listed below.
IP 400 VCM Cards
IP400 VCM4
IP400 VCM8
IP400 VCM16
IP400 VCM24
IP400 VCM30
IP 400 Trunk and Station Cards
Digital Station V1: 16 and 30 port variants
Phone V1: 8, 16 and 30 port variants
So8: ETSI BRI SO support
IP 400 Cards
Analog Trunk Card UNI (ATM4U)
Analog Trunk Cards (ATM4)
BRI Trunk Cards
T1 PRI Trunk Cards
E1 PRI Trunk Cards
E1R2 PRI Trunk Card
Legacy Card Carrier

The Avaya recommendation is to migrate customers to the supported IP500 V2 control unit hardware and IP500 base cards, trunk cards and expansion modules.

The limited IP 400 Trunk and Station Cards that WILL BE Supported in R9.1
Analog Trunk 16
Digital Station “V2″: 16 and 30 port variants
Phone “V2″: 16 and 30 port variants

Advanced Edition/Customer Call Reporter (CCR) will NOT be supported on Release 9.1
With the introduction of IP Office R9.1, Advanced Edition/CCR will no longer be available for new system sales. Additionally, existing Advanced Edition customers will need to migrate their CCR to IP Office Contact Center via purchase of the IP Office Contact Center solution prior to upgrading to IP Office R9.1. However, CCR will continue to be sold and supported on IP Office R9.0.x systems consistent with Avaya lifecycle support policy. Avaya will be supporting a migration strategy that provides CCR customers with a clear path to move to IP Office Contact Center.

Further, as a result of this change, R9.1 Preferred Edition will now come with VM Pro database and Visual Basic Scripting (these were previously part of Advanced Edition). TTS and Contact Store will only be available to be ordered separately.

Customers upgrading from R9.0 to R9.1, who had Advanced Edition licensed on their R9.0 system, will continue to have the 8 ports of TTS and Contact Recorder enabled on their R9.1 upgraded system. These features were previously part of Advanced Edition. CCR will NOT function upon the upgrade as it is not supported in R9.1.

Why Intermedia for your Exchange ?

From their 99.999% uptime guarantee to their free, expert migration, Intermedia helps keep you focused on business.

Worry-Free migration from Intermedia
Unlike other providers, Intermedia doesn’t force you to hire an expensive independent migration consultant. Instead, our experts perform migration on your behalf based on a custom migration plan, at no extra charge.

When it comes to migration, most Exchange providers force you to either hire an expensive independent consultant or perform it yourself.

That’s what makes Intermedia unique: our Cloud Concierge team of experts performs your email migration on your behalf, at no additional charge. They’ll develop and execute a custom migration plan, assuring you securely transition to the cloud at a pace you determine.

Migration by in-house experts
Intermedia Cloud Concierge team leads in experience and expertise.

No extra-cost
There’s absolutely no additional charge for Intermedia’s Cloud Concierge team to migrate you to their service.

Seamless handoff from sales
After you become a customer, a Cloud Concierge team member will call you to discuss your migration needs.

Custom migration plan
Intermedia will develop a custom migration plan that matches the unique needs of your IT environment.

No data left behind
Intermedia will bring over each individual user’s mailbox data, including emails, calendar items, task lists and personal contacts. They will also migrate your relevant Active Directory information.

No downtime
They’re experts at migrating your email with no downtime, no data loss and no disruption to your users or your archiving mail flow.

You’re in good hands
Intermedia has migrated over 500,000 mailboxes since 2010. There’s virtually no one with more experience.

They work fast
Depending on the quantity of data and available bandwidth, Intermedia can migrate your data within a few hours or a few days.

Start quickly
If you’re in a pinch, Intermedia can activate Exchange hosting right away. For an average 200 user company, they can import Active Directory data in less than 60 minutes.

Mobility features of Hosted Exchange from Intermedia

Intermedia’s hosted Exchange helps assure fully mobile email, calendars and contacts. Hosted Exchange works across iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and virtually all your other devices.

Simple setup for your devices, NO IT help necessary
On most devices, it’s simple to set up your email, calendars and contacts. You don’t need to call your IT team or type in confusing server information. Instead, you just create a new account and your device sets up and syncs.

Sync your data across all your devices
Intermedia’s hosted Exchange includes ActiveSync technology at no additional charge. ActiveSync ensures that virtually no matter which device you use or what activities you perform, your email, calendars and contacts are in sync and up-to-date.

Get remote wipe capabilities and other protection features
What happens if a user’s device is lost or stolen? With hosted Exchange, an administrator can remotely remove critical company data, or even deactivate the device’s ability to receive company email. You can also enforce account- or user-specific security policies, including enforced passcodes.

Access Outlook from any web browser
With the Outlook Web App, you get a full-featured, web-based version of Outlook. It provides the Outlook experience for email, calendars and contacts without requiring a download. Your changes are synced.

With Exchange 2013, OWA is optimized for a touchscreen experience plus offline access.

BlackBerry hosting is available
With BlackBerry hosting, you get two-way, real-time synchronization of your email, calendar, contacts and tasks between your BlackBerry and your Intermedia hosted Exchange service, with no additional hardware or software to purchase.

Features of Intermedia Hosted Exchange

Intermedia’s Hosted Exchange offers business-grade email, calendar and contacts, backed by their famous Worry-Free Experience. Fully integrated and mobile, it unlocks the power of Outlook to help make your business more competitive and agile. It’s a key component of Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud suite.

The world’s leading platform
More than 470 million mailboxes worldwide leverage Exchange to communicate, collaborate and compete at a Fortune 50 level. It’s the leading platform for unifying a business’s email, calendar and contacts.

Productivity features of Hosted Exchange
Go beyond email. Microsoft Exchange’s productivity features include calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, public folders and more.

Productivity features of Hosted Exchange
Microsoft Exchange’s productivity features include calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, public folders and more.

Calendar features of Hosted Exchange

Share and sync your organization’s calendars
See your coworkers’ availability
Share your availability with your coworkers
Easily organize large meetings without multiple rounds of back-and-forth
Authorize assistants or other team members to manage your calendar

Manage your own schedule
Schedule meetings or appointments with others
Create one-time only or recurring events
Set reminders so you never miss a meeting
View your tasks for the day
Organize your events by color-coded categories
Search your calendars to find a past or future event
And much more

Contacts features of Hosted Exchange
Exchange contacts let you manage the contact information of individuals or groups with whom you interact. It lets you:

Share and sync your organization’s contacts
Sync your contact list with your business’s Global Address List
Receive new contact information automatically, as it becomes available
Sync contacts lists with other coworkers to easily collaborate with customers and partners
Create contact groups and distribution lists to easily communicate with many people
Forward contact information to others with just one click
Flag contacts as ‘private’ so they aren’t shared across your organization

Manage your own contacts
View contacts from multiple address books in a single pane
Add detailed information for all of your contacts
Add notes about individual contacts to remember your history with them
Open up a web-based map to a contact’s location with one click
And more

Other Exchange features

Exchange lets you create to-do lists with tasks that you can assign to others and share with teams or individuals.

You can use notes to keep track of your thoughts. With Exchange powering your email, your notes are actually stored in the cloud so you can view and edit them on all your devices.

Resource Mailboxes
A Resource Mailbox represents a shared company asset, such as a conference room or a portable projector. They let you easily manage scheduling and sharing using your Outlook calendar. This makes it simple to see if a room or some equipment you need is available when you need it.

Public Folders
Public Folders create a repository for shared files and documents within Outlook. Administrators can assign access to specific users or groups, which helps teams and departments easily access knowledge and collaborate on documents.