Who is XIMA ?

XIMA is Inexpensive Accurate and Easy-To-Use Call Reporting and Call Recording Software

Xima Software was formed by a group of telephony engineers and tech support personnel. After several years and hundreds of phone system installations, Xima’s founders identified a growing need for inexpensive, accurate, and easy-to-use call reporting and recording software. They needed a reporting suite that would only take a few minutes to install, would show the details of every event that happened on a call instead of just a vague summary, and could report on all users, groups, and trunks without licensing headaches. With those principles in mind, they developed Chronicall.

In 2007, Xima spun off from its parent company and began aggressive development on Chronicall. The name Xima was chosen as a modern derivation of the romantic word “cima,” meaning “the top” or “pinnacle.” The name Chronicall represents a strategic merger of accurate and detailed time-keeping with call reporting.

Get Protected BEFORE You Get Hacked with SonicWall!

Detect threats in real time with continuous threat research.

Experience a new level of security effectiveness and performance, designed for small- to medium-sized businesses. SonicWall’s Unified threat management (UTM) technology delivers comprehensive protection and simplifies security management, all without slowing your network. Get gateway antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spam, intrusion prevention, content/URL filtering, SSL VPN and application control capabilities in a single SonicWall package.

Comprehensive Security
Enforce unified threat management (UTM) security in your business. Get best-in-class security that combines gateway antivirus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, content/URL filtering, application control, enforced client antivirus, anti-spam services and more, all on an affordable SonicWall platform.

High-Performance Protection
Get complete protection while boosting performance. Examine traffic simultaneously across all ports without introducing latency using SonicWall’s deep packet inspection technology. Scan files of any size without caching, and handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent downloads.

Remote Access and Wireless Connectivity
Provide native virtual private network (VPN) access for devices running on the most popular operating systems. SonicWall’s Unified threat management (UTM) decontaminates threats from VPN and wireless traffic, and ensures the integrity of all traffic passing through.

Security Management
Experience enterprise-class, high-performance protection with an easy-to-use SonicWall solution. Simplify security management with a SonicWall unified threat management (UTM) system built on an advanced, object-based SonicOS operating system. Lower the total cost of ownership for your organization.

Defend your organization with SonicWall

Defend your organization with the most powerful next-generation firewall security from SonicWall

Protect against viruses, spam, spyware, intrusions and other threats with a proven, high-performance next-generation SonicWall firewall (NGFW).  Get comprehensive security with application intelligence and control, plus real-time visualization capabilities. Scan all traffic, regardless of port or protocol, with deep packet inspection technology. Experience superior scalability to meet the changing needs of your business with SonicWall

Massive, scalable next-gen protection
You never have to sacrifice protection for performance. Bolster the speed, security and scalability of 10+ GbE networks for enterprise, carriers and data centers. Block intrusions, malware and unproductive applications, while attaining industry-leading, deep packet inspection performance, concurrent connections and connections per second.

Protection across the enterprise
Experience comprehensive protection with a next-generation firewall (NGFW). Gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention and application intelligence defend your entire wired or wireless network. Get breakthrough, deep packet inspection and network intelligence over real-time traffic without affecting performance.

Integrated, next-generation firewall security
Guard against a wide range of security threats. Employ a next-generation firewall (NGFW) designed to protect retail, branch offices, medium-sized organizations and large distributed environments. Improve network performance, scalability and control, while lowering your total cost of ownership.

SonicWall Solutions for Network Security

Enforce Comprehensive Protection

With SonicWall you can attain deeper network security without compromising performance or value.

SonicWall’s consistent leadership and high security effectiveness can help protect your network, wireless users and remote workers from crippling attacks.  SonicWall enables you to go beyond security to monitor and control how your bandwidth is being used.

Next-Generation Firewall
Protect against viruses, spam, spyware, intrusions and other threats.  See how network bandwidth is being used and prioritize mission critical applications with real-time visualization capabilities.  Scan all traffic, including SSL encrypted files, regardless of port or protocol.  Easily scale to meet the changing needs of your growing business.

Unified Threat Management
Go with a leader in security and performance with products designed to meet the needs of growing small- to medium-sized business.  Easily implement comprehensive protection and easy security management without slowing your network.  Gateway antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spam, intrusion prevention, content/URL filtering, SSL VPN and application control are combines into a single integrated solution

Wireless network security
Secure wireless network access while ensuring performance and ease-of-management.  Deliver ease of connectivity, plug-and-play deployment and centralized management of access devices.

SonicWALL Security Products & Services for Small & Medium Businesses

Network Security
Achieve deep threat prevention with cloud-assisted anti-malware, advanced intrusion prevention, high-speed SSL inspection and granular application control.

Secure Mobile Access
Enhance employee productivity and protect against threats with simple, policy-enforced mobile access to mission-critical data and applications.

Email Security
Turn email into a safe, cost-effective productivity tool with Dell SonicWALL Email Security hardware/virtual appliances, hosted services and software.

Management & Reporting
Gain valuable insight into your Dell SonicWALL security products and services to optimize security, manage growth and ease administrative burdens.

The TZ Series are Highly Secure Unified Threat Management Firewalls for Small Networks/Businesses

The NSA Series provide Enterprise-Class Security and Performance for Medium-Sized Networks/Businesses

Why Migrate from Nortel Norstar to the Avaya IP Office

Migrate from the Nortel Norstar to the Avaya IP Office to Improve Productivity, Reduce Costs, & Elevate Customer Service.

Improve Productivity
• Empower your employees to work more productively when either on the road or away from the office with simple tools for optimum productivity
• iPad, Smartphone, PC, and Mac users can access IM, presence & directory services, conference controls, as well as make and receive calls, securely and without a VPN
• Web-based user portal will provide full-featured office-like functionality when employees need to work from home during inclement weather or to balance work and family life
• Hot-Desking gives employees the ability to change another phone in any location of the business into their own, complete with their own directories, speed dial lists, extension number and other features
• Video collaboration can significantly improve meeting productivity and speed up decision making on pressing issues
• Easy-to-use web-based administration minimizes training and system learning curve

Reduce Costs
• Reuse Norstar digital on IP Office; enjoy a familiar desktop experience and safeguard your set investment in phones and reduce end-user training; 40-60% savings with phone migration
• IP Office Essential Edition offers automated attendant, voice mail, 64-party conferencing, and more at no extra charge
• Server Edition and Preferred Edition offer 256-party (128 on Preferred) Meet-me conferencing, call recording, voicemail, automated attendant, and more, with no requirement to purchase extra licenses
• SIP trunks can save your business money and offers added services like direct inward dialing
• The Data Migration tool transfers your user data and voicemail messages, and support for the RJ21 connectors makes connecting existing digital phone wiring simple and fast

Elevate Customer Service
• Enhance your company’s image by having all calls answered immediately and professionally regardless of the employee’s physical location with the IP Office Receptionist Solution
• Easy to use PC-based Receptionist software provides valuable information about calls and system users
• Offer prospects and customers the ability to reach out to you in the way they want with an optional multichannel contact center
• Record and store calls for coaching and training, dispute resolution and quality monitoring