Avaya JEM24 Expansion Module

Avaya JEM24 Expansion Module

The Avaya JEM24 Expansion Module extends the number of call appearances and feature buttons on the Avaya J169 or J179 IP phones.  Each expansion module provides 24 additional lines for incoming calls, outgoing calls, autodialing, and calling features.

Avaya JEM24 Features:

► Provides 24 additional line/feature buttons for your Avaya J169 or J179 IP phone

► Each button has a dual red/green indicator

► When a single JEM24 is connected, it offers 3 x 24 pages of buttons; when multiple JEM24s are connected, each offers a single page of 24 buttons

► Provides color display when connected to J179 and grayscale display when connected to J169

► Brightness is adjustable from the connected base IP phone

► Avaya J169 IP phone supports up to three JEM24 Expansion Modules;

  1. Up to two JEM24 Expansion Modules can be powered by PoE or PoE injector
  2. external 5V power supply is required if adding more than two JEM24

► Avaya J179 IP phone supports up to three JEM24 Expansion Modules

  1. A single JEM24 Expansion Module can be powered by PoE or PoE injector
  2. external 5V power supply is required if adding more than one JEM24


► Compatible with Avaya J169 and J179 IP phones

► No additional licensing is required when adding the Avaya JEM24 button module


► 4.3 inches, 272 x 480 pixel color display that reverts to grayscale when connected to J169 IP Phone.

► The Avaya IP Phones J169/J179 support up to 3 button modules, and each button module can take both Stand and Wall mount positions together with the phone.

► The J100 Expansion Module provides access to up to 24 buttons and lamps with ability to display 3 pages when a single expansion module is used.

► Each feature/line button has a red/green indicator.

► Pre-configured background or screensavers are available to match the base phone.

► Power is supplied by base J169 or J179 (PoE class 2). If 3 expansion modules are attached to J179, then an external 5-Volt power supply is required.

► On Avaya Aura and Avaya Approved Third Party Platforms, users can customize to determine which features/lines are positioned on the module.

► Supported on J169/J179 with both H.323 and SIP software.

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