Xima Provides NEW-Additional Functionality

One of Xima’s most praised features currently is Chronicall’s new instant messenger which provides chat functionality. Any users who download and install the free Chronicall Desktop tool will be able to chat or even send large files with other users who have also downloaded and installed the Chronicall Desktop. Simply double click on the name of the person you would like to chat with and start typing in the pop up window. Within the chat box, right clicking will give you the option to send a file, which then prompts the recipient to allow or decline the transfer of the file.

The base Xima Chronicall license allows unlimited log-ins to be crated with different levels of permissions. 

Some features available to users with just the base (Chronicall) license are:
• Chat Functionality
• Emergency Notifications
• File Transfer

With the Optional/Add-On Agent Dashboard license, users can further their experience by seeing the Presence of other users. This allows anyone to see who is available before sending an instant message or putting customer on hold only to find out that your contact is not available. Increasing communication through Presence can help increase productivity in your organization.

Some features available to users with Optional/Add-On Agent Dashboard license are:
• Presence
• Screen Pop
• Reason Codes
• Agent Realtime Functionality

To see how Chronicall can make the most of your time and energy while improving the accuracy and efficiency of your call data, contact ECS to sign up for a free 14-day trial today.

For more information please visit www.ximasoftware.com/chronicall or www.GoECS.com

About Xima
Xima Software was formed by a group of telephony engineers and tech support personnel. After several years and hundreds of phone system installations, Xima’s founders identified a growing need for inexpensive, accurate, and easy-to-use call reporting and recording software. They needed a reporting suite that would only take a few minutes to install, would show the details of every event that happened on a call instead of just a vague summary, and could report on all users, groups, and trunks without licensing headaches. With those principles in mind, they developed Chronicall. In 2007, Xima spun off from its parent company and began aggressive development on Chronicall. The name Xima was chosen as a modern derivation of the romantic word “cima,” meaning “the top” or “pinnacle.” The name Chronicall represents a strategic merger of accurate and detailed time-keeping with call reporting.

About ECS
ECS, located in Auburn, WA & Portland, OR is a team of experts ready to help businesses with the important and often complicated decision of finding the best communication solutions for their company, from voice to data. Servicing Washington & Oregon, ECS is a “one stop shop” for network infrastructure needs. ECS designs & installs flexible cabling infrastructures that support multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems regardless of their manufacturer.

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