Xima Chronicall Multimedia

Skills Based Routing: An advanced and more effective way to route calls to agents based on their skill group and skill level. In Chronicall Multimedia, you may create as many skill groups as you desire and place as many agents into the skill groups as you need. Calls can be routed based on; most idle agent, linear, or in a circular call distribution or more importantly, by determining your best skilled agents across all skill groups by using our algorithm: Intelligent Highest Skill First.

Xima Chronicall Skills Based Agent License is loaded with capabilities including:

Agent Desktop: Agents are empowered through Agent Desktop to log in and out of their respective skill groups, place themselves in a not ready state, or continue their after call work (ACW) time to ensure they finish up their process before moving on to the next call.

Chat Log: The Agent Desktop includes a chronological chat log so agents can easily refer back to previous conversations.

Pre-defined Canned Responses: Chronicall Administrators can create an unlimited amount of pre-defined canned responses so agents can quickly address customer’s common questions or concerns.

Customized External Chat Interface: Chronicall’s Chat Interface can be easily customized and branded to fit the look and feel of your business and your website.

Historical Reporting: Through Standard Reports and Xima’s Cradle to Grave you can accurately report on your agents chat performance, and drill down on your agent’s chats to ensure quality assurance.

Chat Administration Privileges: As an administrator you can determine how many simultaneous chats each of your agents can handle at one time. You can also suppress the chat message from your website when no agents are available.

ECS is an Authorized Xima Chronicall Reseller located in Seattle, WA & Portland, OR.

ECS provides local technicians for on-site work installing and servicing a variety of voice/data equipment, ie; Avaya Aura Servers, Gateways, Voicemail, Telephones, Firewalls, Ethernet Switches, Low Voltage Cabling, CAT5e/CAT6, Fiber, Circuit Extensions, Wireless Networking, Video Surveillance, Point of Sale, Overhead Paging, etc. 

ECS provides services in Washington & Oregon, primarily in the greater Seattle & Portland areas.

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