Wireless Network Installation

Designing a Wireless Network, WLAN, WiFi network requires careful planning to meet objectives and requirements.

A site survey is recommended to determine sources of interference and best overall coverage. WLANs can be a replacement to wired networks when designed correctly. ECS customizes Wireless Network design to specifically meet the complexity and obstacles of your facility.

Mobility provided by WiFi networks has proven to be beneficial throughout manufacturing, warehouses facilities, transportation hubs, hotels, airports, hospitals, colleges, convention halls, and more.

Types of Wireless provided by ECS:

  • • Point to Point Wireless Network
  • • Point to Multi-Point Wireless
  • • Wireless Bridge
  • • Wireless Backhaul
  • • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • • WLAN
  • • WiFi Hotspots
  • • Outdoor Broadband Wireless/WiFi
  • • Wireless/WiFi for Multimedia
  • • VoIP
  • • Multi-Service Mesh Networks
  • • Fixed Wireless Access
  • • Wireless Video Surveillance

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