Why you should always use a Licensed & Insured Contractor

It is never “okay” to use an un-licensed contractor. If the contractor is not licensed, they will be unable to get insured and that will put you, your employees, and your property at risk. If un-licensed contractor is the lowest in cost, you should understand why. Any reputable contractor should be able to produce both a license and insurance.

Did you know that without a contractor’s license, a company cannot obtain/provide workers compensation. If they are uninsured and a worker should have an accident on your property You could be held responsible and could end up with significant medical expenses.

Another big benefit that you get when hiring a licensed contractor is that they will have a Bond and that provides an independent agency/board to complain to if things go south. Not contractor with a license is qualified, but you have to start somewhere when you hire work out.

Is it okay to use a doctor or dentist without a license? 

Is it okay to let people drive big trucks or even cars without a license?

Is it okay to let people fly planes without a license?

You should use a licensed contractor because, as a society, we have instituted rules to help us decide who is qualified to do a particular job. To not use a licensed contractor, would be to say that we should violate the very rules we/society put in place to give us some confidence that we won’t have the problems that occurred before we instituted the rules. 

In summary, using a licensed contractor gives you the greatest overall probability of success and reduces your liability. To use an unlicensed contractor reduces the overall probability of success and increases your liability.

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