Who is Avaya ?

Remember AT&T ?
On September 30, 1996 through the demerger of the former AT&T Technologies business unit of AT&T Corporation, Lucent Technologies was formed. One of the primary reasons AT&T Corporation chose to spin off its equipment manufacturing business was to permit it to profit from sales to competing telecommunications providers; these customers had previously shown reluctance to purchase from a direct competitor. Bell Labs brought prestige to the new company, as well as the revenue from thousands of patents.

On October 1, 2000 Lucent Technologies Inc. spun off their telephone system, unified communications, and call center businesses to a new company called Avaya (like Papaya). Since 2001, the company has sold, and acquired several companies to support its current product set and further it’s global leadership position. In 2004 Avaya began aggressive expansion in Europe and in Asia.

Avaya is a company spun off from Lucent Technologies, itself a spinoff of AT&T, Avaya continues to sell and support telephone models for businesses that were made popular in the heyday of the Bell System, including the 2554 wall phone, and the 2500 series desk phone, both popular Western Electric models. Much of Avaya’s product and customer set today can be traced back to its AT&T legacy where it formed part of AT&T Network Systems.

Market position
Avaya is recognized globally by industry and technology experts as the world leader in the following areas:
#1 in Worldwide Small Business Telephony
#1 in Worldwide Unified Communications and Enterprise Telephony
#1 in Worldwide Contact Center
#1 in Worldwide Enterprise Messaging
#1 in Worldwide Audio Conferencing

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