What ECS Customer Service means to me as an Account Manager

Since coming on board with Efficient Communication Solutions a few months ago I’ve been impressed with the overall attitude of every team member.  From our customer service reps to the technicians and engineers in the field, the attitude continues to be that of a “can-do” spirit, without question.  It’s a positive atmosphere with a willingness to work hard to achieve customer satisfaction.

From being in the business of commercial communications services for over thirteen years, I have seen a lot of communication contractors come and go.  I have always strived to make sure my customers receive the best treatment possible. I’ve been a part of good teams and a part of not-so-good teams.  And, I’m very protective of the customers that I have worked with for most of that time in the business.  That said, I couldn’t ask for a better team than the one that ECS has put together.  Knowledgeable technicians, friendly staff, with excellent processes in place, are some of the things that make a great team work.

Time after time, which each project that ECS has accomplished since I’ve been here, I’ve been proud to receive positive reviews from each customer.

I know the buzz words that talk a good service game. And, I know that a lot of times they are just that, buzz words & lip service.  These buzz words often never truly go beyond the slogans posted on business cards and websites.  For me, true customer service means finding a balance between great service and great pricing.  Its finding products to recommend and use that are the very best in the marketplace.  It is not taking shortcuts, but finding real solutions that work with the customer’s needs, and, within the customer’s budget.  Great customer service also includes following industry standards.

The best accolade is not that ECS always goes way over and above what we say we will do (which is often the case), it is simply that we do what we say we will, every time, on schedule, and within budget.  I am constantly thanking all the staff for making me look good to my clients.

(Article by Charles Bressler – ECS Account Manager)

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