Voice & Data Cabling in Oregon & Washington


CAT5e: This is the most common standard cabling in use today. CAT5e cabling is commonly used for most data runs. This cabling is very competent and operates with no complications at speeds up to 1Gigabit.

CAT6: If you’re looking for higher speeds, CAT6 is the answer, as it has enhanced features, using twisted copper pair. CAT6 cabling provides superior quality of data transmission, making it more efficient than CAT5e cabling. CAT6 can support 10 Gigabit up to approximately 55 meters.

CAT6A: This is an enhanced standard of copper cabling that supports data transmission speeds up to 10 Gigabit up to 100 meters.


Fiber Optic cabling is a high quality solution for voice and data. Fiber Optic cabling can be used in distances far surpassing traditional copper CAT5e, CAT6, & CAT6A cabling.

Fiber Optic cabling offers the following advantages to your voice and data network.

  • High Bandwidth
  • Accommodates increasing bandwidth easily
  • Resistance from electromagnetic interference
  • Allows quick & efficient cable damage detection
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Sends data farther without needing repeaters/enhancers

ECS has extensive experience with all types of Copper and Fiber Optic cabling and will install the cabling solution that will work best for your business now and into the future.

ECS is a Low Voltage Installation company located in Seattle, WA & Portland, OR.

ECS provides local technicians for on-site work installing and servicing a variety of voice/data equipment, ie; Avaya Aura Servers, Gateways, Messaging, Telephones, Firewalls, Ethernet Switches, Low Voltage Cabling, WiFi, CCTV, POS, Paging, etc. 

ECS provides services in the states of Washington & Oregon, primarily in the greater Seattle & Portland areas.

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