Video Surveillance Camera Resolution

Why you should install 4K IP Security Cameras!

2K and 4K IP Security Cameras offer the Best Video Clarity Available: The move beyond 1080p full HD image resolution has begun. 2k Extreme HD and 4k Ultra HD (UHD) are now becoming everyday terms when we speak of television screens, computer monitors, or mobile phone resolutions.

What is 2K and 4K?

For an image to be classified as 2K Extreme HD it must have approximately 2000 horizontal pixels.

For an image to be classified as 4K Ultra HD (UHD) it must have approximately 4000 horizontal pixels.

Industry standards typically represent the 2K Extreme HD pixel ratio as 2048 x 1536 & 4K and Ultra HD (UHD) as 4096 x 2160.

Image Resolution Comparison:

720P = Analog MPX = 1-Megapixel (MP) (1280 X 720) (921,600 Pixels)

720P = Digital HD IP = 1-Megapixel (MP) (1280 X 720) (921,600 Pixels)


1080P = Analog MPX = 2-Megapixel (MP) (1920 X 1080) (2,073,600 Pixels)

1080P = Digital Full HD IP = 2-Megapixel (MP) (1920 X 1080) (2,073,600 Pixels)


2 X 1080P = Analog MPX = 3-Megapixel (MP) (2048 x 1536) (3,145,728 pixels)

2 X 1080P = Super HD/2K = 4-Megapixel (MP) (2688 x 1520) (4,085,760 pixels)

2.5 X 1080P = Super HD 2K = 5-Megapixel (MP) (2592 x 1944) (5,038,848 pixels)


4 X 1080P = Ultra HD (UHD) 4K = 8-Megapixel (MP) (3840 x 2160) (8,294,400 pixels)

Clarity: Higher Resolution Images are incredibly crisp, with sharp definitive lines that distinctly outline every object and feature.

Digital Zoom: A higher quantity of pixels will allow for a higher quality digital zoom so you can see further into the distance.

Color & Night Vision: Larger image sensors capture more light, which improves color, contrast, and improves low-light performance.

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