Tii Technologies – Porta Systems – Network Protection

Overvoltage Surge Protection Products
Tii/Porta Systems has been delivering unparalleled surge and lightning protection for over 40 years. Their protection products have always been engineered to meet the most demanding requirements for ensuring safety and reliability.

Tii/Porta Systems overvoltage surge protection product lines protect equipment, people, and property while increasing equipment reliability and reducing maintenance cost.

Building Entrance Terminals
At the point of demarcation, Building Entrance Terminals, or BETs, safeguard communication equipment from damaging electrical surges that may get onto those incoming lines.

Protector Modules
Tii-Porta Systems gas tube modules are dependable plug-in devices that guard sensitive communication and Data networks from dangerous voltage surges.

Gas Tubes
The heart of Tii/Porta Systems overvoltage surge protection technology is their proprietary two or three electrode gas tube. This heavy-duty product delivers more current handling capacity and lasts longer than almost any other two or three electrode tube.

Station Protectors
Tii’s station protectors are configured to meet your individual requirements. Their sealed Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC) “tool-less” connections reduce costly installation time and increase service reliability

Protector Panels
The Tii-Porta rack-mount protector panels are a powerful solution for your connection or protection application. They are available loaded with your choice of xDSL, Gas Tube, Solid State, or Hybrid protector modules.

Category5 and 6 Protection
Tii-Porta Cat5e and Cat6 protector packs are ideal for termination and protection of digital and analog phone systems and for protection of data network equipment.

Protector Packs
The Tii-Porta protector blocks are ideal for voice installations, PBX’s, key systems, or any communication or data networks system connected to outside plant cable.

Secondary Protection
The Tii-Porta secondary protection blocks are ideal for voice installations, PBX’s, key systems, or any communication system connected to outside plant cable.

Surge Arresters
Tii’s patented Angle Driver technology is specifically designed to protect tomorrow’s high-speed digital networks, such as Voice Over Digital Subscriber Line (VoDSL) technology, against damage caused by electrical surges.


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