The Case for Surveillance Cameras

According to the New Global Retail Theft Barometer, retail businesses lost over $112 billion dollars across the world last year.  And, according to the National Learning & Resource Center (, 13 billion of those dollars are stolen from US retailers every year, amounting to $35 million per day!

This loss comes from shoplifting (which is #1), followed by employee shrinkage, supplier fraud and other crimes.  Most stolen items are small, easy to steal and easy to re-sell.  Every type of store is a target and no one is immune. But, a store owner can take steps to deter and prevent with affordable and high tech IP surveillance cameras.

Usually just knowing a camera is there will deter a common thief, or unscrupulous employee.  And, for an owner or a manager, having the ability to review a situation any time of day from almost anywhere can be a great stress reliever.

Cameras and installation are more affordable than one might think.  Contact ECS to find out more.

(Article by Charles Bressler – ECS Account Manager)

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