SMC GE Web Smart Series – Gigabit Web Smart w/wo PoE Switches

EZ Switch 10/100/1000 10/18/26/50-Port

Gigabit Web Smart w/wo PoE Switches

Feature-Rich Functionality
VLAN features support flexible network partition and configuration, performance improvement, and cost savings. IGMP snooping prevents flooding of IP multicast traffic and limits bandwidth-intensive video traffic to only the subscribers.

Storm control monitors the amount of storm traffic that is sent every single second on an interface. It allows the administrator to specify how much storm traffic can be sent as a percentage of the total bandwidth of an interface.

Continuous Availability
IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol provides a loopfree network and redundant links to the core network with rapid convergence, ensuring faster recovery from failed links, and enhancing overall network stability and reliability.

IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) increases bandwidth by automatically aggregating several physical links together as a logical trunk and providing load balancing and fault tolerance for uplink connections.

Comprehensive QoS
Support for eight egress queues per port enable differentiated management of up to eight traffic types. Traffic is priori zed according to 802.1p, DSCP, and TCP/UDP port number, giving op mal performance to real- me applications such as voice and video. Asymmetric bidirectional rate-limiting, per port or per traffic class, preserves network bandwidth and allows maximum control of network resources.

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