Products & Solutions: Wireless/WiFi

Today, more and more people are using smart phones, netbooks, notebook computers, “pad” computers and book readers, all devices that require Internet “up time” to work as intended. It used to be a pleasant surprise when you found a business that offered WiFi. Now it’s expected.

As the need has expanded for such networks, the technology has improved to deliver longer range and more reliable WiFi connections to client devices. Decisions about what to buy and how to configure a wireless network have become increasingly complex. This is where a partner like ECS has proven invaluable to clients.

While most “WiFi” solutions focus on what happens to wireless users AFTER they are connected to the network, we focus first on getting users connected to the network reliably, then staying connected. Our typical wireless/WiFi solutions involve:

  • Point-to-Point
  • Guest
  • Campus
  • Secure Business

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