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Business telephone lines, once available only in analog, are now available in a wide variety of digital options and trunks that may offer cost and performance advantages over analog. What type of service will work best for your company? Contact ECS to find out.

ECS will work with you to identify the critical issues within your communications environment, including your current system, to identify the best solution among the following telephone line options:

  • Analog/Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS)
  • T1/PRI
  • IP/SIP

An important consideration in making informed carrier services decisions is how “solution neutral” your partner is. ECS is an “authorized agent,” for multiple carriers, so we are able to be objective in recommending the proper carrier and solution to fit your needs.  We don’t need to fit you to a certain carrier or what they have to offer.

What are the advantages of partnering with ECS as your telecom agent?

1. You get the truth. We have years of experience dealing with multiple carriers in your market, and can tell you how they really perform, who has the most reliable network, who hits deadlines and who tends to miss them. Also, we are not driven to make recommendations based on sales objectives.

2. Single point of contact. You don’t have to listen to the “company story” for each vendor, and you don’t have multiple relationships to mange, often with pointing the finger at each other when problems arise.

3. Better understanding of your company. We get to know your organization, your goals and long-range needs, and how you make decisions and why. Why would you want to repeat that process with every vendor?

4. Better understanding of Next Generation Technology. Because we work with the industry leaders in a wide variety of telecommunications products and systems, we can keep up with the trends, certification requirements and product training offered by solutions from companies.

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