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When it comes to high-speed Internet access, ECS has what it takes to give your business the competitive edge, whether you’re considering DSL, Cable, Ethernet over Copper, or Fiber. Most high speed Internet providers have greatly improved their broadband connections over the last several years. Contact ECS for the latest information on the different types of Internet services that are available to you and how they compare to each other.

How A Faster Connection Can Benefit You

With the recent explosion of Internet TV and other forms of web-based video, having a fast broadband Internet service is quickly becoming a necessity. DSL and cable Internet providers are competing with each other to bring you the fastest speeds for:
File Downloads – Save tons of time when downloading large files from the web.
Streaming Video – Watch online television shows and streaming digital media.
Internet Gaming – Play exciting games online with your computer, PS3 or Xbox.
Email Attachments – Send large photos & other attachments with no problem.
Home Business – Use your fast connection to do business from out of the house.

There are quite a few differences between DSL, Cable, Ethernet over Copper, fiber optic, satellite, & wireless Internet providers. That is why ECS investigates the different carriers & types of broadband connections available in your area and offers you an un-biased recommendation.

Some High-Speed Internet Access options are:

  • DSL
  • Cable
  • Ethernet over Copper (T1 & Bonded T1’s)
  • Fiber
  • Satellite
  • Wireless

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