More about Session Border Controllers

Small and Mid-sized companies are moving forward with SIP-based communications and Unified Communications (UC).

The key strategic need with SIP-based communications is for security.

A key component in the delivery of a SIP-based communications solution is the device that insures the security of SIP/VoIP connectivity when reaching beyond the companies’ data network firewall.

Data network firewalls protect a variety of traffic types, however, they are not ‘application-aware’ for SIP-based communications. The current industry best-practice for securing the network edge for SIP-based communications is implementation of a Session Border Controller (SBC) at the edge of the network

SIP Trunking and customer migration away from TDM trunking to SIP trunking continues as a major driver for implementation of SIP-based Unified Communications.

Businesses are now facing an evolving world where users are no longer confined inside their walls. Trends towards mobile access to system resources, telecommuting, and BYOD are creating the need to deliver SIP-based UC and collaborative services to remote users in a flexible yet secure manner.

Remote Workers need to access services via the Internet. Client registrations are addressed to the Session Border Controller (SBC), authenticated, and passed to the core. Client/user service profiles and information is then relayed back to the client in a secure environment that does not require a VPN access or VPN client to be installed in the user’s client device. This gives a simplified, flexible and secure access to SIP/UC services without the need for VPN for SIP communications.

A Session Border Controller is a SIP-based Unified Communications security appliance.

An SBC can serve needs at the edge for session border control, and can also solve needs for internal SIP VoIP security.

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