You could keep the standard music file that came with your phone system.  Thousands of businesses use this same file and you can sound just like them.  Unless you think your business is better and more unique. In that case, you might want to use something a little more pleasing than generic computerized music. You can use music that adds to your image, builds on to your brand and is well worth listening to.  Include messaging, and you can do even more…

Give your callers something else…something better!

When your phone rings, it’s “a call for help.”  Your callers have a problem that they want solved, or they need or want something.  They’ve seen your website, now they want more.  So tell them about it while they wait on hold. Tell them about a product or service you offer…maybe it’s something they didn’t know you had or a service they need.  Imagine, what that could do for your bottom line!

Give your callers what they want… information: about you, your products and your services; information about the quality and value you offer, and information about what makes you different from the competition. Give your callers information that they need to make their buying decision…  why they should buy from you and they will respond.

Put it all on your phone system…then sit back and watch your business grow!

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