Make sure you hire a Licensed, Bonded Cabling Contractor

You get what you pay for when hiring a contractor!

For effective and efficient use of network computers and devices, a standards-based infrastructure is needed. Having a data cabling infrastructure that is installed to and uses components that meet industry standards ensures fewer outages and performance problems in the future. Today, people expect 100% uptime from organizations, one of the most efficient uses of monetary resources you can make is to invest in a quality, standards-based data cabling infrastructure.

Regardless of the job, hiring someone with experience is always desirable. Try to find a contractor that specializes in data cabling. Often electrical contractors will “also” offer data cabling services. This is ok, if the electrical contractor has experience or training on data cabling installations. Data cabling is very different from electrical cabling, and proper installation requires specialized knowledge.

Testing every new cable is also very important. Most contractors will test for end-to-end connectivity. This test is good, but it is not enough. It is also important to verify that the cables can carry data. The end-to-end test sends a small signal down the cable to a tester on the other end. This test verifies a clean unbroken connection. But data transmission is a complex process. Cables may pass the end-to-end test with flying colors but fail a data transmission test. Your chosen contractor should have equipment that can test data transmission. Request a report on these tests and have the contractor explain the results. If the contractor does not have such equipment, then it is good idea to look for another contractor.

ECS Is a Licensed and Bonded Low Voltage Contractor in the states of Oregon & Washington

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