Is CAT6A right for you ?

CAT6A offers simple and cost-effective provisioning to support current and emerging applications.

CAT6A offers the most cost-effective and simple provisioning to prepare today’s buildings for current and future applications. With 10 gigabit applications starting to emerge, now is the time to consider provisioning your office/building with the right copper cabling infrastructure based on CAT6A twisted pair connectivity.

CAT6A supports the familiar, backwards compatible RJ45 interface. The RJ45 has enabled the global growth of Ethernet as we know it, and has become a universal interface for a broad range of applications.

PoE standards have been updated to double the power delivered to devices utilizing all four pairs in the cable, CAT6A provides enhanced thermal dissipation performance over CAT5e and CAT6.

Wireless networks require wires. CAT6A is the right choice to support the evolution of Wi-Fi and its need for increasing bandwidth.

Recently published, TIA-4966 recommends CAT6A for new education facilities based on the need for high-performance infrastructure required for wired and wireless connectivity.

TIA-1179 (published in 2010) recommends CAT6A for all new installations in healthcare facilities and was the first standard to recommend CAT6A for new installations outside of the data center.

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