IP Video Surveillance Bandwidth & Storage Considerations

Network Bandwidth & Storage Consideration are very important when designing a video surveillance system. Common factors to consider are; quantity of cameras, image resolution used, compression type/ ratio, frame rate and viewing area complexity.

Bandwidth: When installing a small surveillance system involving 8 to 10 cameras, a basic 100Mb network can be used without considering bandwidth limitations. Most video surveillance systems of this size can be implemented on an existing 10/100Mb network.

Cameras that are configured to deliver high-quality images at high frame rates will use approx. 2-3Mb of network bandwidth. Once you install more than 12-15 cameras, you should plan to use a Gigabit (GB) network. Using VLANs, Quality of Service (QoS) & Event-Based Recordings will help manage the bandwidth consumption.

Storage Calculations: IP-Based Video Surveillance Storage is based on configuration, like the following;

♦ Quantity of cameras

♦ Will recording will be continuous or event-based

♦ Quantity of hours per day the camera will be recording

♦ Frames Rate (frames per second/FPS)

♦ Image resolution

♦ Video compression type (Motion JPEG, MPEG-4, H.264)

♦ Scenery: Image complexity, lighting conditions & amount of motion

♦ How long do you want data stored

Storage can be on a Network Video Recorder (NVR) on-site or at another location.  Some IP-Cameras provide storage on an SD Card installed in the camera. Cameras can also stream to Cloud based storage.

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