IP Office Release 9.1 Facts

Customers can migrate to R9.1 by purchasing an upgrade license or under the terms of their IP Office Support Services (IPOSS) support contract, as applicable.

Customers migrating to R9.1 will be required to have an IP500 V2 control unit or supported servers with Server Edition.

IP500 base cards, trunk cards and expansion modules are supported with IP500 V2 control unit and may migrate to the V2 control unit.

Licenses will require a dongle swap to move from the IP500 key card to the IP500 V2 SD card.

Release 9.1 will not be supported on IP500 V1 (version 1) or IP 400 Control Units

As new features requiring greater processing power and memory are added to the IP Office applications family, the ability of older control units to support these features decline.

The IP500 V1 control unit will NOT be supported to run R9.1 software.

Customers looking to migrate from older control units will be required to replace the control unit by purchasing an IP500 V2 control unit.

IP500 base cards, station and trunk cards will migrate to the IP500 V2 CU.

IP400 hardware will be NOT be supported with Release 9.1 and above

This includes IP400 series internal cards, expansion modules and trunk cards listed below.

The recommendation is to migrate customers to the supported IP500 V2 control unit hardware and IP500 base cards, trunk cards and expansion modules.

Ability to maintain and support the IP400 series of hardware has reached end of effective life and supporting these products is becoming difficult and costly for business partners and Avaya

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