IP Office Release 10 – Frequently Asked Questions

What management improvements will be in R10?

R10 includes a number of enhancements designed to improve troubleshooting and servicing of the product. Such as Display voltage, impedance and echo reduction statistics in SSA, Line display for troubleshooting, SSA status icons for SSL/VPN remote connectivity and improved packet capture logging on Server Edition/Select and Application server

Web Manager gets significant increase in functionality that positions Web Manager to be the management tool of choice for the majority of tasks traditionally accomplished with IP Office Manager.

R10 also sees a reduction in configuration changes that will not require reboot:

  • • Configuration options under DHCP Pool settings tab
  • • Line Configuration – Analog, BRI and PRI trunks
  • • Configuration of System Directory Fields
  • • System Voicemail DTMF Breakout numbers (VM Reception numbers)

Which ‘Editions’ does R10 support? R10 supports Basic, Essential, Preferred, Server Edition and Select.

How are licenses provisioned? IP Office R10.0 will be licensed exclusively in PLDS. License management will be supported in both IP Office Manager and Web Manager. ADI licenses will continue to be offered for pre-IP Office R10.0 releases using ADI licensing

What enhancements to SoftConsole? Avaya SoftConsole has been enhanced with a new refreshed look and feel and presence support

What security improvements have been made? Support for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol has been added to provide privacy and data integrity between two communicating endpoints

How do I upgrade from previous versions to R10? There is a process change from previous versions, please refer to the Offer Definition document for details


What new endpoints does R10 support? R10 supports the H175 HD video endpoint and the new IP DECT 3745

Will the new DECT be supported on previous versions? Only with R9.1 supported release. There will be a maintenance release (9.1.8) to enable these handsets to work on 9.1. Reference 9.1.8 Service pack issued on August 26, 2016.

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