IP Office R10.1 Integrated Contact Reporter (ICR) Supervisor

IP Office Integrated Contact Reporter (ICR) provides a fully integrated, Avaya developed, basic reporting solution targeting the 5-25 agent space.

Supervisor: After successful log-in the Supervisor will be shown the Supervisor Home screen by default. This screen will show the pre-configured system wide statistics. (The system wide statistics shown in Supervisor and Agent Home screens will be the same and cannot be changed in this release as noted earlier)

Supervisor Historical Reporting: The supervisor can generate various Reports by selecting the Reporting option on the Report menu.

Under the Choose Report Section, there will be a list of predefined templates for the following types of reports:

♦ Call Summary Report by Agent

♦ Call Summary Report by Hunt Group

♦ Call Summary Report By CLI

♦ Call Detail Report by Hunt Group

♦ Call Detail Report by Agents

♦ Call Detail Report by CLI

♦ Call Summary Report by Time bucket

♦ Agent Summary Report

Report Viewing: The View Tab will not be enabled until a generated Report for the selected template is available. Once the report has been generated it will be shown under the Template name. The report name will have the criteria and generation time. Clicking on the View Tab will show the report in PDF format. There will be option download and print the report from the report. (NOTE: it is not possible to customize, schedule or export reports in this version of software)

Supervisor Real Time Reporting: The supervisor can view real time system status by selecting the Realtime information option on the Report menu.

The supervisor can monitor Hunt Groups or agents as required.

The Groups tab displays a listing of all monitoring groups for the supervisor, along with some pre-configured statistics for each group. (NOTE: those statistics cannot be customized in this release) As well as the hunt group name, information is displayed for Abandoned Call Monitor, Abandoned Calls, Average Wait Time and a red/green status strip indicating agent.

The supervisor can click on a specific Hunt Group for more detailed information, which includes individual agent information in addition to the group level statistics.

The Agents tab shows a listing of all agents for the supervisor, including Agent Name, extension, hunt group membership, logged in and break status.

The supervisor can click on an individual agent for more details.

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