IP Office R10.1 Integrated Contact Reporter (ICR) Agent

IP Office Integrated Contact Reporter (ICR) provides a fully integrated, Avaya developed, basic reporting solution targeting the 5-25 agent space.

Home Screen: The Home Screen shows a summary of the system wide statistics that is updated in real time. (NOTE; that these statistics are pre-configured and cannot be changed in this release)

Following statistics will be displayed on the Home Screen

♦ System Statistics – Abandoned Call Monitor

♦ System Statistics – Service Factor

♦ System Statistics – Average Wait Time

♦ System Statistics – Current Active Calls

♦ System Statistics – Answered Calls

♦ System Statistics – Abandoned Calls

♦ System Statistics – Logged-in Agents

♦ System Statistics – Available Agents

The username is displayed along with some information on how many Hunt Groups the user is a member of, as well as work time and break time for the user.

Call Control: The agent can click on Call Control screen when there is an active call in progress, the Call Control screen allows control of an associated telephony device e.g. a desk phone:

End points supported for ICR are same as supported for IPOCC:

♦ 1400, 1600, 9500 96×0 (H.323) and 96×1 (H.323)

♦ Avaya Communicator for Windows

The Call Control buttons will only show if there is any Active Call in progress for the Agent. The Agent can perform following tasks from the call Control Screen

♦ Answer a call

♦ Drop a call

♦ Hold a call

♦ Retrieve a Held call

♦ Consultative Transfer

♦ Blind Transfer

♦ Conference

The Telephony Dashboard will show all the Hunt Groups for which the logged in Agent has membership. For each Hunt Group the following information will be shown. (NOTE; that these statistics are pre-configured and cannot be changed in this release)

♦ Hunt Group Statistics – Agents Logged In

♦ Hunt Group Statistics – Average wait time

Following are statistics for the logged in Agent also will be displayed on the Telephony Dashboard.

♦ Agent Statistics – Answered Calls

♦ Agent Statistics – Abandoned Calls

♦ Agent Statistics – Average Talk-Time

The Call Control option will also display a popup when a call is offered to the Agent. The Agent can also Answer, Drop, Hold and Retrieve a Call from this popup.

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