IP Office R10.1 Integrated Contact Reporter (ICR)

IP Office Integrated Contact Reporter (ICR) provides a fully integrated, Avaya developed, basic reporting solution targeting the 5-25 agent space.

ICR is built in to the IP Office Application Linux image. It is installed with every IP Office Hosted or Server image, making it immediately available to IP Office customers on R10.1 with no additional hosting, server, or installation costs.

A quantity of Power User licenses equal to the number of active ICR users (agents and supervisors) is required.

ICR provides businesses “Voice Only” Reporting.

ICR will be available as part of the IP Office Server Edition and Application Server software image and runs on the standard Linux distribution supported by IP Office Server Edition and Application Server platforms. The software is installed as a standard Linux RPM only on the Server Edition Primary server or the Application Server in case of IP 500V2 deployments. The application is not supported on UCM or Windows platforms and requires Preferred Edition or greater.

ICR is a simple reporting tool for 5-25 agents and up to 5 supervisors.

Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) is integrated with the wider IP Office solution (e.g. IPO Web Manager for OAM).

ICR leverages the IPOCC Chrome client for agent and supervisor reporting and call control as well as existing hunt group capabilities on IP Office to “tag” specific hunt groups for reporting and analytics. The solution uses VMPro for queue announcements

With the R10.1 release, the capabilities of ICR will provide the following:

♦ Real time and historical reporting for IP Office hunt groups

♦ Reports on incoming external calls ONLY; there is NO reporting on internal calls or outgoing calls

♦ Agent desktop – call control of associated telephony device and real-time reporting

♦ Supervisor desktop – call control of associated telephony device, real time and historical reporting

♦ Agent and supervisor user interface is a web based client that is supported on Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari browsers (note that the user interface is available in English only in 10.1 time)

♦ 8 Pre-configured summary and detailed historical reports (note that reports cannot be customized, scheduled or exported in this release) (reports can be viewed and printed in PDF)

  • 1) Call summary by Agent
  • 2) Call summary by Hunt Group
  • 3) Call summary by Time
  • 4) Call summary by CLI
  • 5) Call Detail by HG
  • 6) Call Detail by Agents
  • 7) Call Detail by CLI
  • 8) Agent summary

Deployment options are: ICR co-resides with one-X Portal and has a dependency on same

♦ Application Server in case of IP500V2

  1. Standalone IP500V2 with Application Server
  2. For SCN – all agents, supervisors, hunt groups, trunks, VMPro must be configured on the IP500V2 which is monitored by ICR

♦ Primary Server on Server Edition

  1. All agents, supervisors, hunt groups, trunks, VMPro on Primary Server
  2. All agents, supervisors, hunt groups, VMPro on Primary Server; trunks (only) can be on Expansion

♦ Preferred Edition, Server Edition or Select (and Cloud deployments)

Licenses required for ICR are as follows:

♦ Standard endpoint licenses

♦ ICR Agent

♦ ICR Supervisor

Power User License as described below

ICR is licensed based on the number of simultaneous logged in agents and supervisors. ICR supports a maximum of 25 logged in ICR Agents and 5 logged in ICR Supervisors in R10.1

The ICR Agent and ICR Supervisor licenses are $0 licenses with IP Office 10.1 In order to qualify for the $0 ICR licenses, the customer must have an equal (or greater) number of Power User licenses as the number of active (logged-in) ICR users planned; however, those Power Users are not configured against or restricted to ICR users – those Power User licenses are available for other (non-ICR) users on the system

Until July 2017, ICR licenses will have to be ordered as $0 part codes, those licenses will be subject to the Power User count check above, as well as the maximum number of 25 logged in ICR Agents and 5 ICR Supervisors. The Power Use count will be checked, for the same host ID where the ICR users are being ordered. Centralized WebLM should be used in case of Server Edition/SCN to ensure all Power Users are visible.

New IP Office systems sold post July 2017 will include a number of ICR use licenses. The ICR licenses will also still be available to order as $0 part codes. In both cases, the same requirements exist for the corresponding number of Power Users, as well as the same limitation for maximum number of ICR users.

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