Intermedia SIP Trunking Advantages

Intermedia’s Any-Cast Architecture. This proprietary design ensures complete fault tolerance exceeding the capabilities of even the most advanced competitors. Any-Cast IP addressing insures your calls take the shortest path to reach Intermedia’s network. Imagine a freeway with 20 on ramps and no matter which one you took, you would always be headed in the right direction. More access points and a secure open registration allow your service to be more available and the highest quality.

Fail Over Routing. Fail Over Routing is an important business continuity feature of the Intermedia network. Fail Over Routing provides advanced, instant redundancy by automatically redirecting all inbound calls to an alternate phone number in the event the primary termination location is detected to no longer be available.


  • • SIP Trunks purchased one at a time (increasing flexibility, reducing costs)
  • • Custom Network Analysis Tool (“VoIP Test”)
  • • Superior Disaster Recovery
  • • PBX Pre-certified to guarantee quality implementation
  • • Lower Long Distance rates
  • • Free Local and Office to Office calling
  • • Full E-911 capability
  • • CALEA Compliant
  • • Number portability (keep your number)
  • • Eliminate expensive traditional Voice Circuits

Intermedia is UNIQUE in requiring customers to run a network quality test. Other SIP providers turn their SIP Trunks up on any network without review. Intermedia makes sure the customer’s network is ready to support VoIP traffic… the Intermedia process and tools ensure that.

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