Intermedia – Cloud Server

Cloud application infrastructure designed specifically for IT professionals at small & medium businesses.

Here’s what you get with Intermedia’s Cloud Server support
Microsoft Certified technicians, 24/7 phone and chat. Support up to the virtualization layer.

Intermedia’s global support staff works tirelessly on your behalf. Their eyes are always on your cloud to help ensure its availability and performance. And if you have any questions about the Cloud Server up to the virtualization layer, they’re available 24/7/365 to answer phones typically within 60 seconds.

Commitment to resolution
Unlike other providers, Intermedia won’t push you to self-help solutions. Technician will stay with you until they resolve your problem.

No ‘critical issues’ standard
Unlike other providers, Intermedia doesn’t enforce a threshold for phone support. Admins can call us for help with any issue.

No lock-in to a single person
Your account history is available to the entire support team. Each technician has the context to solve your problems.

Commitment to quality
Intermedia doesn’t pressure team members on call length. All their key metrics are related to first-call resolution and customer satisfaction.

Obsession with satisfaction
Intermedia will survey your satisfaction after every call. And contact you every six months to get your feedback.

No outsourcing
Every team member is a direct employee. Intermedia’s overnight support office is manned by English-speaking team members whose certification and problem-solving ability equals our daytime staff.

Senior technicians are available
If you have a highly technical challenge, feel free to request a Level 2 support technician.

Going beyond individual cases
You can request a 90-day review of all your support cases to identify and eliminate recurring issues.

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