The customer has four locations throughout southern Oregon that have different key telephone systems that are 10-15 years old.  They have no voice integration or functionality between offices. The customer asked ECS to review their existing telephone line costs to see if we could help them reduce their monthly operating costs. And, oh by the way, if we could find enough savings to pay for it, they would like to install a new integrated telephone system solution that allowed them to call extension to extension between offices for free, transfer calls between extensions like they worked in the same office, show the proper caller ID when placing outbound calls, etc., etc.

Here is the information that we asked for from the customer for analysis:
1)     List of locations/addresses
2)     Copies of all existing bills for internet access and telephone lines
3)     List of telephone lines at each location and what each is used for
4)     Quantity of telephones at each location
5)     Pictures of existing systems, telephones, etc.

After we received the information from the client, we researched and analyzed various technology solutions for the client and recommended the following:
 Migrate from Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) Analog lines to SIP Telephone Lines provided over their internet access.
Existing Monthly Costs – $1,646.16
Proposed SIP – $564.69

 Install a new Avaya IP Office IP500V2 system at the host location with SIP Telephone Lines & IP Phones at all locations. (now all four sites operate like they’re in the same building on the same telephone system)
36-Month, $1 Buyout Lease = $860.68

SUMMARY: The customer was paying $1,646.16 per month for out-dated services, with no efficient interaction between offices. We provided $1,081.47 in monthly savings which the customer is using to pay $860.68 per month for a 36-Month, $1 Buyout Lease Payment for a new Avaya IP Office system that provides complete seamless inter-operability between all four locations, AND, still leaves $220.79 in monthly savings.

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