Get Your Money’s Worth On Your Cabling

Most companies spend quite a bit of money for their office communication systems.  Make sure every component is installed in a way that you get your money’s worth. Cabling should be done by someone who knows the correct methods of installation.

Sure, anyone can string a cable from point A to point B, but a lot more goes into a correct installation than that.  Things like bend radius, pull strength, cable length and kinking can all have detrimental effects on a cable performance.  Improper termination practices can be blamed for loss of performance, data errors and wasted time in the long run.  Performance testing should be required to prove the installation meets performance standards.

Knowing a good pathway and how to correctly support a group of cables, how far to keep them from electrical power are not only good practice, but required by law.  Having a cabling solution that will perform at a high standard for a very long time should be the goal of any installation.

Moreover, knowing the best solution to fit your needs and your budget should be at the forefront of any installation, whether Category 5e, Category 6, or 6A is in your best interest, or having fiber optic cable installed is required.

At ECS, you can be sure that your cabling is installed by a trained and experienced technician, not a couple of Bobs with a truck and a box of cable.  We work hard to find the best solution and the best price.  Get your money’s worth and have the professionals at ECS install your next cable project.

(Article by Charles Bressler – ECS Account Manager)

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