Features of Intermedia Hosted Exchange

Intermedia’s Hosted Exchange offers business-grade email, calendar and contacts, backed by their famous Worry-Free Experience. Fully integrated and mobile, it unlocks the power of Outlook to help make your business more competitive and agile. It’s a key component of Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud suite.

The world’s leading platform
More than 470 million mailboxes worldwide leverage Exchange to communicate, collaborate and compete at a Fortune 50 level. It’s the leading platform for unifying a business’s email, calendar and contacts.

Productivity features of Hosted Exchange
Go beyond email. Microsoft Exchange’s productivity features include calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, public folders and more.

Productivity features of Hosted Exchange
Microsoft Exchange’s productivity features include calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, public folders and more.

Calendar features of Hosted Exchange

Share and sync your organization’s calendars
See your coworkers’ availability
Share your availability with your coworkers
Easily organize large meetings without multiple rounds of back-and-forth
Authorize assistants or other team members to manage your calendar

Manage your own schedule
Schedule meetings or appointments with others
Create one-time only or recurring events
Set reminders so you never miss a meeting
View your tasks for the day
Organize your events by color-coded categories
Search your calendars to find a past or future event
And much more

Contacts features of Hosted Exchange
Exchange contacts let you manage the contact information of individuals or groups with whom you interact. It lets you:

Share and sync your organization’s contacts
Sync your contact list with your business’s Global Address List
Receive new contact information automatically, as it becomes available
Sync contacts lists with other coworkers to easily collaborate with customers and partners
Create contact groups and distribution lists to easily communicate with many people
Forward contact information to others with just one click
Flag contacts as ‘private’ so they aren’t shared across your organization

Manage your own contacts
View contacts from multiple address books in a single pane
Add detailed information for all of your contacts
Add notes about individual contacts to remember your history with them
Open up a web-based map to a contact’s location with one click
And more

Other Exchange features

Exchange lets you create to-do lists with tasks that you can assign to others and share with teams or individuals.

You can use notes to keep track of your thoughts. With Exchange powering your email, your notes are actually stored in the cloud so you can view and edit them on all your devices.

Resource Mailboxes
A Resource Mailbox represents a shared company asset, such as a conference room or a portable projector. They let you easily manage scheduling and sharing using your Outlook calendar. This makes it simple to see if a room or some equipment you need is available when you need it.

Public Folders
Public Folders create a repository for shared files and documents within Outlook. Administrators can assign access to specific users or groups, which helps teams and departments easily access knowledge and collaborate on documents.

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