ECS Proudly Celebrates 8 Years In Business as of September 5th 2013

ECS is celebrating its 8th year anniversary.

The Washington/Oregon-based Company has been a local employer and stable contributor to the local economy/community since September 5th, 2005.

According to current business dynamics statistics, 8 years in business is a significant accomplishment for any company, when you consider that only 10 percent of businesses still exist that were established more than 5 years ago.

While the news is filled with headlines examining the intricacies of America’s prominent corporations, it’s easy to overlook the everyday champion of our economy, the small-business. Now comprising 99 percent of companies and generating 66 percent of job growth, small businesses are the engine of our economy, revitalizing the innovation that has defined communities across the nation. We/ECS are proud to be a locally owned small/medium business primarily serving customers in Washington and Oregon.

Over the past 8 years, we’ve helped thousands of businesses with their voice/data communication needs. We’ve served our customers, helping them reduce their communication costs enabling them to grow and expand their businesses. We’ve partnered with everyone from small retail stores, recycling companies, healthcare providers, educational institutions, local hotels, metropolitan newspapers, national service providers, to highly secure federal installations. And along the way, we’ve built a dynamic company that is continuing to grow.

Our 8th year in business is a time to celebrate and thank our employees for their dedication to excellence in serving our customers. ECS employs high caliber people who excel at what they do. It has truly been an incredible experience to see the start-up that we were eight years ago, grow into the successful company that we are today. Over the past eight years, we’ve innovated, we’ve adapted, we’ve listened to our clients’ needs, and we’ve changed as needed to not only meet, but to exceed our customer’s needs.

We thank our employees for their hard work, dedication, and their commitment to excellence!

We thank our customers for the “opportunity” to serve them!

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