Cloud Storage for Video Surveillance

Cloud Based Storage Option for Video Surveillance

If you have used Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive or ADrive, then you’ve used Cloud Storage.  According to, Cloud Storage is used to store data on a remote server that can be accessed via the Internet.  It is located offsite and managed by the service providers.

With the advent of IP and networked cameras, businesses now have the option to store their video footage directly to the cloud.  This is important because it allows your video footage to be kept safe, and away from intruders on your premises.  Because the storage is not located on site, they cannot physically destroy it.  Also, in the event of fire or flood, the video footage will be safe.

Another advantage of storing to the cloud is the ability to view stored video footage and real-time live viewing using only a Web browser or a mobile app.  Cloud Storage is typically very inexpensive with a monthly subscription.  You enjoy low entry costs and your footages are safe.  Plus, setting up Cloud Storage with networked cameras is fast and easy.

Disadvantage:  There is a small chance a slow Internet connection may be experienced, especially when Internet is being used to review the footage. Downloading these videos is necessary to review or stream them.  Additionally, a subscription fee maybe charged for ongoing Cloud Storage.  Lastly, consider video footage and images stored on a cloud usually does not give the user complete legal or physical control.

ECS is a Video Surveillance Reseller located in Seattle, WA & Portland, OR.

ECS provides local technicians for on-site work installing and servicing a variety of voice/data equipment, ie; Avaya Aura Servers, Gateways, Voicemail, Telephones, Firewalls, Ethernet Switches, Low Voltage Cabling, CAT5e/CAT6, Fiber, Circuit Extensions, Wireless Networking, Video Surveillance, Point of Sale, Overhead Paging, etc. 

ECS provides services in Washington & Oregon, primarily in the greater Seattle & Portland areas.

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