Avaya IP500 V2 Control Unit

The Avaya IP500 V2 control unit is the current/latest for the Avaya IP Office system. It supports IP Office R6.0 or higher.

The base of any IP Office system is the IP500 V2 control unit. It stores the system configuration and controls the system operation. The IP500 V2 Control Unit has four front slots for IP500 base cards. The IP500 V2 has an internal power supply unit and uses a mandatory System SD card. The IP500 V2 includes a 2-Port Layer 3 Managed Ethernet LAN Switch on the rear.

Available Editions:

► Basic

► Essential

► Preferred, Server

► Server Select

► Server with Virtualized Software

► Server/Server Select hosted in the Cloud

Avaya IP500 V2 Features:

4 Base Card Slots can accommodate;

  1. IP500 Digital Station 8
  2. Analog Phone 2
  3. Analog Phone 8
  4. Combination ATM
  5. Combination ATM V2
  6. ETR 6, TCM 8
  7. VCM 32
  8. VCM 32 V2
  9. VCM 64
  10. VCM 64 V2
  11. Unified Communications Module
  12. 4-Port Expansion base cards.

► Trunk Cards Support;

  1. IP500 ATM 4
  2. ATM 4 V2
  3. PRI 1
  4. PRI 2

(trunk interface cards are installed on IP500 Base Cards as Daughter Cards)

► 2 SD Card Slots; Supports System SD Card (1 is Required and 1 is Optional)

(Avaya IP500 V2 System SD Card required are sold separately)

► Voicemail Channels; Maximum 40 usable for Voicemail Pro/TAPI WAV connection sessions

► 8 Integrated Expansion Ports Compatible with;

  1. Digital Station 16/30 external expansion modules
  2. Phone 8/16/30 external expansion modules
  3. Analog Trunk 16 external expansion modules
  4. Support for up to 12 External Expansion Modules; (In addition to the 8 integrated e) expansion ports, you can add up to 4 additional expansion ports using the 4-Port Expansion base card)

► 2 LAN Ports (Full duplex 10/100 Mbps)

  1. Managed Layer 3 Ethernet Switch Additional Ports
  2. Music on-hold Port
  3. DTE port
  4. External relay switch for door entry controls
  5. Integral WAN Port
  6. Includes Power Cord


► Compatible with 1400, 2400, 5400, 6400, and 9500 series digital phones (configuration and SW level dependent)

► Compatible with 1600, 4600, 5600, 9600 and J100 series IP phones (configuration and SW level dependent)

NOTE: IP Office 9.0 and later supports IP500 V2 control unit and the Avaya Branch Gateway as a single product (i.e. the IP500 V2 control unit and the Avaya Branch Gateway are identical hardware)

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