AVAYA – IP Office Unified Communications (UC) Module

The UC Module is an embedded server that allows Linux based IP Office applications to be run within the IP Office control unit rather than requiring separate PCs.

The Avaya IP Office UC Module is a Base Module and resides in one of the 4 bays in the front of the IP Office. The UC Module does not support a daughter card. (ATM-4 or PRI)

There are two types of card: The UC Module v2 is supported by IP Office Release 9.1 and higher. The UC Module v1 is supported for IP Office Release 8.0 Q1 2012 Service Pack or higher. Though physically different, the two types of card current support the same applications and application capacities. However, the v2 does not provide an implied Preferred Edition license and is not supplied with pre-installed software.

The Avaya IP Office UC Module Supports Voicemail Pro and or one-X Portal for IP Office applications:

♦ IP Office Users: Up to 200 users when running Voicemail Pro and one-X Portal for IP Office. More than 200 users when running just Voicemail Pro.

♦ Simultaneous one-X Portal for IP Office Users: 50.

♦ Maximum voicemail ports: Up to 20 ports when running Voicemail Pro and one-X Portal for IP Office. Up to 40 ports when running just Voicemail Pro.

♦ Small Community Network: Maximum 6 systems.


For both card types, an Essential Edition license is required as a pre-requisite. The voicemail server on the card also requires the system to have a Preferred Edition license.

♦ On pre-IP Office Release 10 systems the Unified Communications Module v1 grants the host system the virtual Preferred Edition license it needs for Voicemail Pro. This no longer applies for IP Office Release 10 and higher. Existing IP Office systems being upgraded to IP Office Release 10 must use the IP Office license migration process to retain the existing license.

♦ Maximum per Control Unit: 1 per control unit.

♦ IP Office Modes: Not supported in IP Office Basic Edition mode.

The Avaya IP Office UC Module eliminates the need to manage a Windows machine and maintain compatibility between Windows OS versions and Avaya IP Office software releases when using Preferred Edition Messaging (Voicemail PRO).

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