AVAYA IP Office – UCM V2 Ease of Installation and Management

Improvements to the user experience related to installing, configuring, updating and managing the Unified Communication Module (UCM) are now available in IP Office R10.0.

The release will address the most common reasons for escalations and installation errors, including:

Elimination of manual upgrade steps;

  • • This feature reduces manual steps by automatically stopping one-X® Portal, VMPro and Webservices during the upgrade, reducing the time of a full system upgrade. These services will restart after the upgrade is finished and the system is rebooted.

Improved installation/upgrade progress indication;

  • • This feature provides a 5% completion indication after 3.5 minutes. This improvement reassures the user that the upgrade/install is progressing correctly. Prior to this, the indication did not show progress until 10% complete, which could cause the operator to view the install as stalled.

USB creation tool allows the selection of required locales, thus reducing installation time;

  • • For fresh installation or upgrade of VoiceMail Pro, the locales may be selected. By streamlining the selection process, rather than downloading all locales, the installation time is reduced.

USB install and upgrade remote control and monitoring with SSA;

  • • Enables a business partner to prepare a USB device for the installation or upgrade of a UCM card, ship the device to the customer and then control the upgrade/install remotely. The facility to initiate an alternate (USB) boot from SSA will be provided. The customer will simply insert the USB device into the running UCM, while the business partner will control and monitor the upgrade process remotely using SSA. The install/upgrade process may be monitored; boot from the USB port initiated, or UCM shut down. Confirmation that the process is completed and the card rebooted to the new release may be received.

Provide installation and upgrade status indications in SSA and SysMon;

  • • When a UCM is installed or upgraded, a progress indication bar is shown in SSA.
  • In addition, this feature will send progress indication traces to SysMon, whenever an update is received from the UCM card.

Alarm for mismatched IP Office and UCM firmware;

  • • IP Office will raise an alarm in SSA when a valid installed UCM is running a firmware version that is not aligned with the current IP Office system firmware. Misalignment is defined as different major release numbers or same major release but different minor release number. Service pack/Feature pack will not trigger the alarm.

Ensure sufficient SSD space available for upgrades;

  • • The Web Manager upgrade needs about 8GB free on the SSD space. After the upgrade, the rpm repository and cache are not deleted. This feature will let the user decide if the old repository should be removed before continuing with the upgrade.

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