Avaya IP Office – System SD Cards

ONLY Avaya Authorized Resellers may purchase IP Office SD Cards from Avaya Authorized Distributors.

IP Office System SD Cards supplied by Avaya contain all the system software required for the IP500 V2, including expansion module and phone firmware binaries.

An update to the latest IP Office Software Release (R10) may be required to have the latest (R10) software on the SD Card for the installation. This can be done in IP Office Manager under SD Card management. Please check for the latest available software on http://support.avaya.com

The only difference between IP Office R10.0 & R9.1 in an IP500 V2 system are the files on the SD card, which can be updated.

Upon release of a new IP Office Software Release, Avaya updates the software load being burned on SD Cards sold through distribution, these updates take some time to get through the distribution chain as distributor and partner inventories are replenished with the new software load. The material code of the SD card doesn’t change.

Partners can continue selling R9.1, should they wish to do so. When partners do the initial installation, they can install whatever release they have purchased and are standardized on. This IP Office process affords partners the flexibility not to be tied to the date when we introduce a new release.

For IP Office R10.0 purchases, standard installation practice is to always load the latest version of software available on Avaya support. http://support.avaya.com  This is recommended since from the time Avaya shipped the SD Card, Avaya may have released a service pack on the current release, so it is always advised that the partners load the latest version.

This approach of being able to treat the SD Card as a generic entity provides the flexibility to install whatever release is required. Partners need not worry about changing material codes, about managing stock of different SD Cards, about holding off an order until the new software release date because they want to ensure that they receive the new release on the SD Card.

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