Avaya IP Office R9.1 Upgrade Update

Release 9.1 will NOT be supported on IP500 V1 Control Unit

As new features requiring greater processing power and memory are added to the IP Office applications family, the ability of older control units to support these features decline. The IP500 version 1 control unit (IP500V1) will not be supported to run R9.1 software. Customers looking to migrate from older control units will be required to replace their control unit by purchasing an IP500 V2 control unit. IP500 base cards, station and trunk cards will migrate to the IP500 V2 control unit.

MOST IP400 hardware will be NO LONGER be supported with Release 9.1
This includes IP400 series internal cards, expansion modules and trunk cards as listed below.
IP 400 VCM Cards
IP400 VCM4
IP400 VCM8
IP400 VCM16
IP400 VCM24
IP400 VCM30
IP 400 Trunk and Station Cards
Digital Station V1: 16 and 30 port variants
Phone V1: 8, 16 and 30 port variants
So8: ETSI BRI SO support
IP 400 Cards
Analog Trunk Card UNI (ATM4U)
Analog Trunk Cards (ATM4)
BRI Trunk Cards
T1 PRI Trunk Cards
E1 PRI Trunk Cards
E1R2 PRI Trunk Card
Legacy Card Carrier

The Avaya recommendation is to migrate customers to the supported IP500 V2 control unit hardware and IP500 base cards, trunk cards and expansion modules.

The limited IP 400 Trunk and Station Cards that WILL BE Supported in R9.1
Analog Trunk 16
Digital Station “V2″: 16 and 30 port variants
Phone “V2″: 16 and 30 port variants

Advanced Edition/Customer Call Reporter (CCR) will NOT be supported on Release 9.1
With the introduction of IP Office R9.1, Advanced Edition/CCR will no longer be available for new system sales. Additionally, existing Advanced Edition customers will need to migrate their CCR to IP Office Contact Center via purchase of the IP Office Contact Center solution prior to upgrading to IP Office R9.1. However, CCR will continue to be sold and supported on IP Office R9.0.x systems consistent with Avaya lifecycle support policy. Avaya will be supporting a migration strategy that provides CCR customers with a clear path to move to IP Office Contact Center.

Further, as a result of this change, R9.1 Preferred Edition will now come with VM Pro database and Visual Basic Scripting (these were previously part of Advanced Edition). TTS and Contact Store will only be available to be ordered separately.

Customers upgrading from R9.0 to R9.1, who had Advanced Edition licensed on their R9.0 system, will continue to have the 8 ports of TTS and Contact Recorder enabled on their R9.1 upgraded system. These features were previously part of Advanced Edition. CCR will NOT function upon the upgrade as it is not supported in R9.1.

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