AVAYA IP Office R10 Serviceability Improvements

IP Office R10.0 includes multiple enhancements to improve troubleshooting and servicing.

Display voltage, impedance and echo reduction statistics in SSA: A new tab “Line Test Summary” has been added to the analog trunk view in SSA for trunks on an ATMv2. It will display voltage, impedance, echo return loss (ERL), ERL value (after applying echo reduction) and ERL value (after applying echo canceller) from the latest line test results.

SSA status icons for SSL/VPN remote connectivity: To improve reporting of the SSL/VPN service status, an icon has been added that will assist users in identifying connectivity issues without the need to inspect and interpret other field values. A new column was inserted next to the SSL/VPN table to indicate the connectivity states of each item.

Green: The tunnel is connected and there has been no message loss.

Amber: The tunnel is connected but heartbeat or keep alive messages have been lost.

Red: The tunnel is disconnected.

Gray: The tunnel is administratively in fallback state.

The application will select the appropriate icon to display based upon a combination of Service Status, IP Address, Missed Heartbeat and Missed Keep alive field values. The icon will be updated automatically if and when any of these field values change in such a way as to require a new color to be displayed.

Snapshot and log files viewed offline will also display the icons.

Line display for troubleshooting: To aid in troubleshooting, Line ID is provided for an external call with problems in order to facilitate easier access to the relevant logs. This will help to determine which trunk line is actually being used. The Log Stamp function now includes specific line information for the connected call in Alarm Log and System Monitor. It appears just after the extension number and is applicable to any call made over a trunk line (analog, digital or IP).

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