Avaya IP Office R10 & PLDS

IP Office Release 10 (R10) and higher will only be supported using the Avaya “Product Licensing and Delivery System” (PLDS) to manage license files.

“Avaya Direct International” (ADI) licenses will continue to be offered for Pre-IP Office R10.0 releases using ADI licensing.

If you are upgrading from a Pre-R10 release, you MUST migrate all of your Pre-R10 licenses (ADI, PLDS, mix of ADI/PLDS, virtual) to R10 PLDS licenses.

The Avaya R&D team have setup an online forum to provide support for technical questions related to the new PLDS licensing content delivered in IP Office R10.0, it can be found here: https://support.avaya.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=86

Upgrading IP Office Administration: Earlier releases of IP Office Manager are not compatible with systems running this release. Before upgrading an IP Office system to R10, the Administration suite MUST be upgraded.

Warning: In all cases, always backup all application data to a separate location before upgrading.

ALL IP Office R10 Configurations/Quotes REQUIRE an Avaya Design/Configuration from the Avaya A1S configuration tool.

The following are REQUIRED to request an Avaya A1S configuration:

♦ Customer Name:

♦ Customer Address:

♦ Customer City

♦ Customer State

♦ Customer Zip:

♦ Customer Contact Name:

♦ Customer Contact Phone #:

♦ Customer Contact email:

In addition to the customer information above, the following are REQUIRED to Request an IP Office R10 UPGRADE:

♦ Avaya Sold To Number

♦ Copy of Current IP Office Configuration

♦ Copy of Current XML File from IP Office

Note: The XML File can ONLY be obtained using Manager R10.0

IP Office Support Services (IPOSS) customers entitled to IP Office software updates/upgrades under a current support agreement will be upgraded in accordance with the terms of their support contract.

Customers operating earlier releases of IP Office software without an IPOSS contract will need to purchase an upgrade to get to IP Office R10.0.

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