AVAYA IP Office – Preferred Edition/Voicemail Pro

Preferred Edition (Voicemail Pro) is an advanced messaging and call flow application for IP Office systems.

Voicemail Pro can handle 40 (up to 250/500 on Server Edition/ Server Edition Select) simultaneous calls depending on licensing. Each user has the option of turning their voicemail on or off. When on, the system automatically answers their telephone when they are not available to take a call, plays a personal greeting, and records a message.

When a message has been left, the user will see a message-waiting lamp lit on their telephone and can press a retrieval button to collect their messages.

Voicemail Pro can also ring the user to deliver any new messages. Voicemail messages are time and date stamped and the caller’s number recorded. Voicemail Pro can be configured to delete read messages automatically, unless the user chooses to save the message permanently.

Voicemails can be collected remotely by dialing into the Voicemail Pro server. If the number the user is dialing from is recognized (home number or mobile/cell phone for example), the user will listen to their voicemail straight away. If the source number is not recognized, the user will be prompted for a mailbox number and a PIN code for that mailbox, before they can listen to their voicemail. Users have the ability to set and change their own PIN codes.

When a voicemail needs to be forwarded to other users, Voicemail Pro provides many options:

♦ Voicemails can be forwarded to another mailbox, or group of mailboxes

♦ Recipients can add their comments to the voicemail before forwarding to another mailbox or mailboxes.

♦ Voicemails can be forwarded as email WAV attachments.

All options are available in a choice of languages; both spoken voice prompts and graphical programming interfaces and have the choice of IP Office TUI and INTUITY emulation TUI.

Preferred Edition/Voicemail Pro Requires a Server. (external or UC Module in a bay of the IP500V2)

Preferred Edition/Voicemail Pro Runs as a service

There are multiple features available with Preferred Edition/Voicemail Pro that are not available with Essential Edition (Embedded) messaging. (some require additional licenses)

♦ Group Broadcast

♦ Unified Messaging Service (UMS)

♦ Integration with Microsoft Exchange Server

♦ Capable to interact with Blackberry solution

♦ Resilience and Backup

♦ Small Community Network (SCN) Operation

♦ Centralized Voicemail Services

♦ Distributed Voicemail Servers in an SCN

♦ Voicemail Ring Back (Internal and external)

♦ Voicemail Help TUI

♦ Extended personal Greetings

♦ Continuous Loop Greeting

♦ Listen to Email (Text to Speech)

♦ Pause Message

♦ Oldest message first/newest message first Message Playback

♦ Set Message Priority

♦ Set automatic message deletion timeframe

♦ Alphanumeric Data Collection

♦ Queue Position Announcement

♦ Time in Queue Announcement

♦ Time in System Announcement

♦ Estimated Time to Answer (ETA)

♦ Exit Queue to alternative answer point

♦ Message Announcements

♦ Whisper Announce

♦ Alarm Calls

♦ Assisted Transfers

♦ Tamper proofed / verified Call Recording

♦ Test Conditions

♦ Personal Numbering

♦ Speaking Clock

♦ Campaign Manager

♦ Voicemail Pro Manager

♦ Customized Voicemail

♦ Intuity TUI emulation mode

♦ Forward Emails to External Systems (VPIM)

♦ Third Party Database Access (IVR)

♦ Text to Speech within Call Flows

♦ Call Transfer Announcement

♦ Support for Visual Basic Scripts

ECS is an AVAYA Edge Emerald Level Business Partner located in Seattle, WA & Portland, OR.

ECS provides local technicians for on-site work installing and servicing a variety of voice/data equipment, ie; Low Voltage Cabling, CAT5e/CAT6, Fiber Optic, IP Office Telephone Systems, Voicemail, Telephones, Firewalls, Ethernet Switches, Circuit Extensions, Wireless Networking, Video Surveillance, Point of Sale, Overhead Paging, Avaya Aura Servers, Gateways, etc. 

ECS provides services in Washington & Oregon, primarily in the greater Seattle & Portland areas.

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