Avaya IP Office – Platform Overview

The Avaya IP Office™ Platform is a cost-effective telephony system that supports a mobile, distributed workforce with voice and video on virtually any device.

IP Office is an integrated, modular communications solution that scales up to 2500 extensions and 150 sites (3000 users with Select R9.1.2 FP) in a multisite network with resiliency.

Match a deployment model to infrastructure needs from simple appliances to virtualized software in a data center with options in between.

The solution combines collaboration software plus multichannel contact centers, networking, security and video.

IP Office provides a hybrid PBX with both Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and IP telephony with trunk support, used in either mode or both concurrently.

IP Office has data capabilities built-in, providing IP routing, switching and firewall protection, between LAN and WAN.

In addition to basic telephony services and voicemail, IP Office offers both hard phone and soft phone options. Soft phone applications are designed to provide flexibility for remote workers and to allow workers to access telephony services, such as making and receiving calls, voicemail, and call forwarding from their computer or mobile device.

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