AVAYA IP Office – New SIP Trunk Capabilities

Indicate Call on Hold: IP Office will now indicate Hold by sending in-dialog INVITE with a=sendonly in the SDP message. This can be configured by trunk using a new configuration item “Indicate Hold” on the SIP Trunk / SIP Advanced Tab.

Behavior When Held: IP Office will now support the ability to maintain the incoming media stream path, containing the Service Provider’s music on hold and outgoing RTCP. This behavior can be configured per SIP trunk using a new configuration item “Local Hold Music” on the SIP Trunk / VoIP tab.

P-Preferred Identity: Developed to address requests to provide Calling Party Identity in the P-Preferred Identity (PPI) field, R10.0 expands the fields in which identity information can be supplied. Identify information can be supplied for normal calls and/or forwarded and twinned calls. For flexibility, it provides the capability to configure this behavior on a per SIP URI basis.

Diversion Header: Supports the ability to handle, unscreened Automatic Number Identification (ANI), in the network. One can now configure the system for Diversion Header INVITE behavior on a per SIP URI basis.

Diversion Counter: Supports the diversion-counter parameter in accordance with RFC 5806 when Diversion Header is added. If selected, IP Office will include parameter diversion-counter=n in the outgoing INVITE where n=1 unless:

  • In the case of trunk to trunk calls where the incoming call contains Diversion header: IP Office will pass the original diversion header and the associated counter.
  • In case IP Office performs a diversion as well (e.g. forwarding, twinning): IP Office will add its own Diversion header with n = the received diversion counter + 1.

This functionality can be disabled via SLIC configuration, should it not be desired.

Local Domain Name: IP Office R10.0 will permit an administrator to configure on a per Trunk basis, a Domain or IP Address, as required by the Service Provider. If both the Domain Name and Local Domain name are configured, then local Domain Name will take precedence. The Local Domain Name will not be used in the Remote Party ID header.

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