Avaya IP Office Mobility (Mobile Twinning Deskphone with Mobile Phone)

I Am Also a User

Do you remember those men’s hair loss club commercials from several years ago; where the guy in the commercial affirms that he is not only the president of the company, but he’s also a member?  He can espouse the benefits of his product because he not only works there, but uses the product as well.

That’s how I feel with Avaya’s IP Office.  I have been involved with Avaya since the late 90’s, installing, programming, selling and managing installs over the years.  I can heartily say that I really like the product.  IP Office was introduced in 2002 to be Avaya’s “all-in-one” converged voice and data communications solution for small and mid-sized businesses.  And, they have succeeded in creating a great product.

There have been so many advancements in features and functionality since then.  What Avaya has produced is a VoIP/Digital/Analog “Hybrid” phone system that functions great whether you work strictly at a desk, from home, in the field or any combination of the three.  And, regardless if you have ten employees, or 1,000, all of those features are readily available and ready to work for you.

As I mentioned, I’m also a client, using IP Office everyday to stay in touch with me customers and my team.  At the office we use mobile twinning, forwarding functions and VM to email to stay in touch no matter where we are.

I love being a mobility user.  I use the mobile twinning feature every day.  I am not tied to my desk, giving me the freedom to visit potential customers or current jobsites, while still being readily available.  My east coast customers can reach me even if I haven’t arrived at the office yet, or, like in the case of emergencies, any time of day.

Giving customers a “one number” solution makes it easy for them to reach me and is a great way for them to manage their contacts list.  Plus, even if I can’t get to the phone, I can forward the call so they can reach someone else on our team, or leave me a message that I get via email in seconds after they leave it.  Staying in the loop was never easier than it is with IP Office.

If you are not familiar with these features, contact ECS today.  If you have an IP Office, Mobile Twinning is free for all users on Release 8 or above.  (If not R8, ask ECS how to upgrade today!)

(Article by Charles Bressler – ECS Account Manager)

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